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Researchers find a genetic cause of lupus

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Hi everyone,

I'm really pleased to share the news that researchers have identified a genetic cause of lupus. This is the first time a TLR7 mutation has been shown to cause lupus, providing clear evidence of one way this disease can arise.

This exciting finding hopefully presents a new target for developing treatments.


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Thanks for posting Paul.

Very interesting. Just googled the TLR7 and it can be involved in hepatitis. A possible connection to all the children recently being diagnosed with hepatitis?? Given the similarities of covid and lupus it must be something they would e looking at.

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Kevin53 in reply to suzannah16

Definitely an interesting connection. Hopefully this research will shorten what has been a long road 🤞


This is great news. There is no end of talk about it in Spain. 👏👏👏👏

It's a path that develops it, now for the rest...💪💪

Muy interesante! Dar esperanza.

Here the paper for a good reading 😉

Things are looking up in a/i disease aren't they!! Hopefully this the first of many - even if it is only the cause of a tiny proportion - ripples spread.

Hooray, it's not something I've imagined, or just something in my head after all! Thank you wonderful research peeps. Watch out Lupus, they're coming for you. I'm still in bed finally having to give into the imaginary fatigue and leg pains from being lazy, that are so bad, that I can't stand up yet. Thank you for this post.

Thank you Paul

Thank you for passing on the information. Have always wondered about it being a genetic illness. It's encouraging👍

I shouldn't, but I cried reading this.But at last, something to cheer about!

Many thanks for posting Paul and keeping all us lupies in the loop as always.

Thx for posting Paul. Have not read it yet but will soon.

Amazing discovery. Will we be screened, I wonder?

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Paul_HowardPartner in reply to Treetop33

That is an interesting question. I think primarily this is of interest as a target for developing new treatments. Whilst screening could possibly be an option for childhood-onset lupus, adult-onset lupus tends to have multiple genetic components and not all people with lupus will have a TLR7 mutation.

Yes, your comment seems to be more or less the same as what my doctor said when I enquired about gene processing and editing therapy. Too many components to edit and address. But hopefully someday (SOON) they will find a way to normalise our immune system instead of suppressing!

👍 🎉

Thank you so much for this Paul - extremely interesting.

A very interesting read and hopefully more good news to come in the not too distant future. Thanks Paul

Great news! Just great! Thank you Paul.

This is brilliant and exciting news .... a long held theory, now with some scientific evidence. A breakthrough for the future. Thank you so much for sharing ❤️

At this time I think it is important to realize that although this might answer the whys it is very unlikely this will lead to a cure for most genetic diseases are still presently not curable. Genetic is also not the same as inheritable. Illness, life style choices and toxins alter our genes too.

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