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To make you smile


I thought this beautiful image might give everyone a smile. I adore squirrels. Please stay safe and warm xxx

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My other thought was....oh no wheres my parachute 😆

Ha ha I was thinking more Kung Fu Squirrel xxx

Awww....adorable little fellow. Thanks CP for the warm fuzzy feelings.

Love squirrels too.

Luv ya hun 🤗♥️🥰🙏🕊🌿🌸🦋

Glad you like him Honeybug xxx

How adorable- he looks like he’s skating on ice xx

I just loved this image too xxx

It worked I’m smiling 👍🤗x

Great I am so pleased xxx

ninja squirrel

Yes isn’t he? 😂 xx

Super pic! Looks like he has his eye on a particular nut! 🐿 🥜 xxx

Yes just like Ice Age xx

😂 Scrat! Indeed! How funny is he! I must watch those films again in lockdown - thanks for the memory! 🙏❤️

I love animated films. My favourite is Despicable Me. The second one with Pharrel Williams Happy makes me chair dance and smile from ear to ear xxx

Tufty to the rescue! 😂Super photo Cecily.😍🥰 We haven’t seen our reds for some time but I think they might be hibernating now.

Thanks for the magical post - love it! 🤗😘x

I am pleased you like it. A squirrel is my next request for a Birthday print by from Angie With Love. I am running out of walls though 🤔 xxx

😂😂 I know the feeling Cecily. My walls are as cluttered as the house and I have some of my uncles paintings in a cupborad because there is no more room. But hubby suggested we swop them around at times like an art exhibition. 😆 Not a bad idea. Please post your birthday print of a squirrel by From Angie With Love when you receive it. I’d love to see it and I’m sure everyone else here would too. Hugs 🤗😘x

I have to wait until September lol. She has done a beautiful badger and a stag too. I love the idea of an art exhibition. How wonderful please post a photo 🙏🏻 Xxx

It will be worth the wait Cecily. 👍🏻👍🏻 Post a photo? 🤔 I wouldn’t know where to start as our whole house is an art exhibition - every wall in every room is covered with art work of ours, my uncles, a couple of friends and artists/pictures we love. 😍 I posted one on Remembrance Sunday 2019 of horses I’d painted as a tribute to all the animals that have served, and paid the ultimate price in many cases, during the wars. 🤗😘

That could be a project, your house in stages. I would love that. I am the sort that stares through windows to see what treasures people have as I walk past. Neil says I am just nosey lol I love to see your artwork, you are so talented xxx

Aww, thanks for the compliment, but you haven’t seen my work yet! 😂😂 Yes, it is interesting to see what others treasure isn’t it? 😃 I’ll have a think about posting some of our art covered walls. Take care lovely Cecily. 🤗😘x

I am sure that you have posted art previously? You take care too xxx

Only the horses I think. But I love your enthusiasm. Thanks Cecily. Xxx

Yep Cecily...... made me smile too!! 😊

I am pleased you like him xx

He's been doing karate!!! 👀🤣

CecilyParsley in reply to chrisj

Yes I thought that too Chris 😂

That’s a beauty 😍😂

Thank you, Cecily. i am SMILING!

That is good Pumkin 😄 xx

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