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Amazing likeness


Hi all, I hope that you are all as well as you can be. I am resting after my massive asthma attack yesterday and I thought you might like to see my new phone cover. I ordered it on Etsy custom painted with my gorgeous boys

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Fantastic Cecily .sorry to hear of your attack.i hope you feel better soon xxxx

Thank you so much. I have been eleven years free of asthma but now the Hydroxy is out of my system it is back with a vengeance. Yesterday I had no slept, coukd not eat and my lips were blue. The on call GP called 999 and the paramedic arrived first, followed by the ambulance. Who would have thought I would ever have four men in my bedroom lol. Within minutes I was strapped to an ECG, had my finger pricked, BP taken, temperature taken and a nebuliser on. They tried to convince me to be admitted but I refused. The compromise was to go to Minor Injuries to the On Call GP. I was told strangely that’s I may well have had Covid for six weeks?? The virus that gave me a very high temperature and diarrheoa is apparently indicative of Covid. She was very annoyed that I continued to refuse to be admitted but eventually let me go with 80 mg prednisalone and orders to rest. Today after a battle and the threat of complaint my surgery finally prescribed Serevent and Ventolin ampules. I am still very wheezy, exhausted and breathless but hopefully now I will recover xxx

Stay off the treadmill ! X

Good point I get excercise induced asthma and have to be very careful. x

I think we are all guilty of over doing some things to take our mind off other things when we are dealing with so much xxx

Yes you are so right, The harder i pushed myself trying to get fitter the more poorly and gasping to breath. x

I stick to walking but get a nice day and all of a sudden I ve found I've walked too far and I've still got to get us back to the car 🤦‍♀️ my breathing has deteriorated a little now it's gone damp but otherwise I'm doing ok 🤞 I hope you manage to stay on an even keel 🤗 xx

Yes you too. I find walking good these days but as you say the damp not good. xx

Neither is the fog,the wind,the frost or the heat lol 🤣.we got soaked yesterday morning so far today its dry so hoping to get out while it stays that way.have a good day xxx

Yes indeed and the rain just keeps coming. At least its mild. Have a good day too. xx

I used to Lou but these days I don’t move quick enough lol 😂🦥xxx

I. The same,the weather is horrid.

I’ve not been able to get it properly.its done my lungs and my bad back no good whatsoever. I hope you feel a little better now.

I hope you start to feel better too xx

I haven’t been able to do it for the past three weeks...gutted 😉xxx

Love your phone pics. xx Very sorry to read you are so poorly. My asthma has been playing up and had an acute a few weeks ago now on better meds. So hopefully you will feel the benefit soon. Wow glad you got some help medically but very concerned to read all this, sending a big hug and take care. Hope you feel better soon, Lou xx

Thank you so much. I needed the nebuliser again in the night so sleeping was impossible until 5am . The Ventolin nebules really helpswith my breathing but makes my heart pound. At least I can walk to the loo without gasping like a fish out of water today so I am heading in the right direction xxx

Hope those steroids kick in soon. take care and rest up. Lou xxx

They do until you get used to them its should only be temporary x

So sorry to hear of your asthma attack cecily I hope you are recovering well . Rest up. What a lovely pic of your gorgeous boys that must have bought a smile to your face and made you feel a tad better 🙏 a nice personal unique phone cover 😍 sending you love and best wishes 🤗xx

Thank you so much. I am literally hanging with fatigue. The steroids and nebuliser are making my body course with adrenaline. I cannot sleep. I was making a Bara Brith at 4am this morning 🥱😴xxx

Poor cecily you’ve had a real run of it. What’s a bats birth? 🤷‍♀️Xx

stiff19 in reply to stiff19

Bara not bats 😂

A Bara Brith is a sweet yeasted bread with dried fruit, glazed with a sugar syrup. My lovely carer was visiting and I wanted to make her something nice . What a palarva!! Neil is quite deaf and I had second proved tge loaf and made the sugar syrup. I put it in the oven and told him after 20 minutes take it out and cover it in foil then put it back in fir 25 minutes. Take it out and brush on the glaze. I went upstairs for a showerL When I came back downstairs there on the kitchen unit was a sorry looking raw bread, covered in sugar syrup. The foil was still on the unit untouched. He had nit heard the put it back in the oven bit. I put it back in the oven but honestly it just collapsed. Thankfully the ends were ok but the rest of the sorry mess went to the birds who at least enjoyed the sour cherries, golden sultanas and jumbo raisins lol. If you want a job doing best do it yourself lol xx

Oh what a shame it sounds so 😋 yummy. Lucky birds 😂 I’ve been the opposite for a few days come afternoon I’m just hit suddenly by extreme tiredness and have napped which is something I’ve not done before 🤷‍♀️ Hope you sleep tonite 🙏xx

Thank you me too. I know most people feel great on steroids but they just upset my gut so much. Tomorrow is my last day on the highest dose then I start reducing by 5 mg a day phew xx

I looked it up looks delicious, just sorry you cannot sleep 🙈xx

Me too 🥱😴xx

Oh that's lovely! Get well soon ! Xx

Thank you so much xxx

Beautiful!! And sooo very very cool! I love this. Cecily, Hope you are feeling a bit better from that asthma event. I fully know how those feel, I to have breathing, and COPD, many inhalers line my drawers, and tables sadly... you should have Stiff see this, she is so talented, and I told her she could sell to Etsy. What a great job they did. I have to look into it for my Storm baby....I'm trying to practice typing right handed, as my new conditions taken out my left hand, just trying to reply to all I can hear. Thank you for sharing those sweet boys.. much Love, thestormy sunshine:) Xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Storm, how lovely of you to reply. I am so glad you like it. Your Storm would look amazing. Our fur babies bring us such comfort and pure joy don’t they?How are you feeling? I am so very sorry that you have so much to contend with already and of course every new diagnosis brings more complications and invariably pain. I want you to know that I think you are wonderful and inspirational. You fill the hearts of people here and make such valuable and insightful contributions. Huge Cwtches ( Welsh hugs) to you lovely Storm and I hope your life gets easier and less painful xxx

That’s lovely cecily and I second that 👍😍🤗x

First I’m so sorry to hear of your Asthma attack yesterday- it must have been so very frightening for you - hope that your feeling bit better today - and WOW your phone case is amazing - I will have to look into this for my fur babies xx

Thank you I am getting there. In hindsight I should have called them out on Saturday as my breathing was awful but I did not want to be a nuisance. The NHS is so stretched here. Of course I deteriorated through the night and then waited until 11 am on Sunday until my lips were going blue and could not get my inhaler down. My surgery had refused to give me a preventer inhaler or nebules for my nebuliser as they felt the attack two weeks ago was a one off so I had no resources to help myself. The ambulance crew and the paramedic were truly amazing. They were cracking jokes, while they just took over.I am incredibly grateful to them. The phone cover is better than I thought it would be. It is a stunning likeness of my gorgeous boys. The link if you would like it is xxx

Thankyou so much for the link - the NHS are truly wonderful arnt they , how lovely that the ambulance men were cracking jokes to ease the situation and to calm you . My niece is 20 and is at Cardiff Uni and her placement is on the Covid Ward , she graduates next year as a nurse and she tells me how very hard working all the doctors and nurses are . Xx

Yes they really are amazing. One of the ambulance men was telling me about his travels to Thailand and the dishes his Thai wife cooks . They understood my real fear of being taken to a hospital that is inundated with Covid patients and arranged for me to go to an out of county minor injuries unit. Such care and they rang to see how I was doing later in the day.I have such respect for them. My only issues seem to be with Rheumatologists sadly xxx

Strange isn’t it cecily how the rheumys seem to be the problem we’ve had, I also have had great care and humanity from ambulance crews and nurses 👍

So glad they treated you well after your experiences you’ve had with rheumy it helps keep the faith 🙏🤗x

Yes indeed. It is the strangest thing because I have had fabulous Urologists, Gastroenterologists, Orthapaedic Surgeons, Neurologists, Haematologists , Gynaecologists and ENT Specialists But I have yet to find a Rheumatologist that I have the slightest respect for. Fingers crossed the new one ,when I eventually see him will be worth the wait xxx


I hope so cecily it will make all the difference 🙏 hope you feel better soon 🤗x

Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

Oh dear! What a time you have been having. How frightening it must have all been but so glad that you managed to stay at home. The phone is wonderful! Hum - might have to look into that for my cockapoo and her feline partner in crime - who incidently are curled up on the bed at the moment. Hope you are feeling a little stronger this morning. x

CecilyParsley in reply to RosieA

Yes thank you I am definitely getting there. I am so delighted with the phone cover. I shared the link above for the site xxx

OMGoodness, what a traumatic experience for you Cecily hope you are recovering? ..

Fabulous phone cover jx

Thank you yes I am getting there. I have not had an asthma attack of that severity for eleven years. My husband and I used to cope with it matter of factly because I had them so often before that but we had no preventer inhaler or steroids or nebules because my surgery considered the one two weeks ago as a one off?? At least now I have what I need to self administer. I used up the valuable time of four medical professionals and the ambulance was on route to some other person in need when it was blue lighted to me. Xxx

Will you be able to get access to a respiratory/asthma nurse.

One visits y GP practice fortunately.shes very good,always checks. I have rescue meds spaceretc.

You’ll feel better now you have the right meds.

You need to try to get things on repeat prescription.i hope you feel better in the morning.

I had an asthma review about three weeks ago but I will need to have another one when this crisis is over and get a management plan xx

What an awful time you've had, I hope you get better and stronger soon X

Thank you so much xxx

Fabtastic! Xxxx

CecilyParsley in reply to LalSD

Thank you I love it xxx

What a beautiful phone case and you can have your gorgeous doggies with you/on you all the time! Sorry to hear about your nasty asthma attack CP - so scary for you. I hope you feel more rested and at ease now, take care now 🐶🤗😘🤗

Thank you so much. Stronger each day now xxx

Hi CP. What a very scary time for you - I hope you're feeling a bit better today albeit exhausted, I'm sure. BTW, I just love the boys on your phone case - absolutely brilliant and something to cheer you up when you feel down. Take care and rest up, xxx

CecilyParsley in reply to MEGS53

Yes thank you Meg I am getting there and you are so right I saw the case and was so delighted. The seller Sam has been so fantastic too, a young lad who used to have a cocker spaniel himself so he managed to capture their likeness so well. My boys always make me happy. It was so funny last night as I used my nebuliser they had never seen or heard one before. Brodie was very anxious pacing as if I was being hurt. Dylan my little blind dog jumped on my lap sniffed it and tried to paw it off my face bless him. Such concern for their Mam. I am so blessed xxx

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