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My Friend, My Dad, MY HERO

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Now yr gone my heart still aches,

I’ll always Love you dad, my best mate.

I miss you loads, I wish you was here.

I feel your presence, I need you to appear,

With your banter, your laughs & jokes,

You was a favourite with family & folks,

Happy Father's Day to the greatest dad,

Especially to all that think your fab......

Happy Father’s Day xxx🙏🏼😇🌟❤️

12 Replies
honeybug profile image

Dear Teanna 🌿🌸🦋🕊

My heart goes out to you for the loss of your beloved dad.

Sending my deepest sympathy my most comforting hug 🤗 and my heartfelt prayers that you will be comforted by his/His presence and love.

Abundant blessings sweetie.

With love

EvaJo/EJ 🤗♥️😘🙏🕊

svfarmer profile image

Sending hugs 🤗 xx

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Gentle cyber 🤗🤗from me Teanna 🌈😽😽xx

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🤗🕊🙏 lovely tribute 💕


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Aah. Teanna your sweet poem got me emotional. Your dad sounded lovely & great fun. So sorry for your pain.

I lost my lovely brave mum 2.5yrs ago. I’ve had signs from her. 1 morning a lovely little bird started singing on my window ledge. There’s hardly any room for that. There’s wire all round the ledges. I was feeling so down about her. I was in bed, pillows over my head & the window open. But i heard this lovely little chirping sound. I thought it was in my bedroom. I opened the curtain & a lovely little bird looked up at me, as if to say. Come on. Get out of bed. I’m ok!!I’M FREE OF PAIN NOW. I spoke to it gently. I thought it was going to come in. But it looked up at me. Then suddenly flew away. I was so surprised. That’s never happened before or since. I’ve lived in my flat for 17yrs! It really warmed my heart. I know it was her.

Teanna profile image

Hi, Vixen,

Thank you for a lovely heart felt message.

What a lovely sight to have seen,

On a day that you felt low and in need,

A yellow bird came to your window

Chirping, singing, your not alone,

You knew it was your mum fluttering about,

Your not alone my dear, so get up and go out.



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There’s a saying by Rosetti. It’s better to forget & be happy. Than to remember & be sad. I don’t think either of us are ready to forget yet! But our lost loved ones would want us to try & go forward. I’m not leaving my mum behind. I’m taking her with me. She’s next to me in my journey of grief. Good luck with your ‘journey’ x

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Hi Teanna. I read your sweet poem again, about your dad. It moved me. (Again!) I was just wondering how you’re coping since your loss. It was my mum’s 3 yr anniversary last month. I’m still in shock how sad i feel without her. But then i think. It shouldn’t be shocking. She was my best friend, my kind mother & ‘emotional therapist’. I have alot of health problems. (Arthritis & glaucoma). The health stuff started in my 20’s. (In my 40’s now!!) My mother was a nurse. She’d get home from work & nurse me too. Very patient & kind. Hope you’re getting further along in your journey of grief! X

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Hi Vixen, I still think about him everyday but now I’m thinking of the good times that I shared with him and how lucky I was to have him through my good & bad days & the happy & sad days, yes it hurts me everyday but I just think of the positive side, his out of pain. I made a scrap book of all the photos of him and made it into a story book, and it also included my poems & all his favourite songs he sang, etc. If you could, try it, it’s great therapy, plus it helps me and (depending what sort of story you wrote, hopefully it’s a funny one most of the time), get over the rough times, especially in this lockdown.

I hope your ok, and thank you of thinking of me in the time like now.

Take care and keep safe.


Vixen2 profile image

Hi Teanna. What a lovely reply. I’ve found writing can help ‘ease’ things. Glad you’re looking back with fun & love in your heart. You sound like you’re on the ‘right track’.

Stay warm & safe x

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Teanna in reply to Vixen2

Hi, hope yr thinking about all the goods times you had together, some will make you laugh (don’t feel guilty about that), some will make you cry, but cry for a good reason, they are at peace & would hate to think that your sad because their gone, they are still around. So as I said, write things down, the good the bad, you never know what you come up with & you could have written a great novel, you never know what’s been planned out for us..... who would think about this pandemic, that’s makes us think more because we have more to dwell on. So get your pen and paper and write (even short poems) you never know. I’ll have first copy if you do.

Take care and keep safe



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Vixen2 in reply to Teanna

ThanksTeanna. It’s true. This virus is unbelievably evil. I love to sing. It relaxes me & takes my mind off serious stuff. But if i get too emotional. The singing stops & the writing starts!

Keep up with your poems. A sweet way to remember.

Your dad would be proud! X

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