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Share Your Lupus Experience, Make your Voice Heard

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The Lupus Foundation of America has requested our help in sharing a message about their new global survey for people with lupus. The survey is part of the ALPHA Project. The ALPHA Project is a global effort that seeks to improve medical treatment and medical care for people with lupus.

If you have lupus or are the parent of a child with lupus, we need your input. Please take this brief survey as part of a global effort to better understand and tackle the barriers in lupus research, clinical care and access to care -

The survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete and is open until 6th December 2019.

5 Replies

👍 Done it! Thanks paul ❤️🍀

Done Paul, thank you

Thank you Paul, I have completed the survey, best regards, Lily

done, keep spreading the word, and the news Paul. Thank you for caring:):) peace, blessings thestormxx

All done. Thanks Paul. 👍🏻

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