Does anyone know if, or how, it maybe possible to lesson the Lupus photosensitive reaction to fluorescent lighting please?

Only I'm due to start a work trial tomorrow morning, being a chefs' assistant in a pub kitchen & so will have to work under fluorescent lights for 35-55 hours per week...I'm concerned about the possible reaction on my liesions....want to minimise them...

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  • Hi,

    If it is florescent tube lighting then it is possible to buy film to cover the tubes which will protect you. Your employer would be obligated to buy them under access to work regulations.

    Alternatively, the best plan is to try and cover yourself as much as possible and perhaps try high factor suncream on uncovered areas.

    You can find more support for light sensitivity on our eclipse website

  • Ah, thank you VERY much for the info Paul :0). My prospective employers have no idea re my they didn't ask me ANY medical questions etc! (well, not yet anyway!).

    Luckily I'll have to wear a plain white chef top/t-shirt & trousers, so I'll look into getting a long sleeved top.

    I had NO idea that sunscreen might help protect the skin under artificial lights!, glad I have some already!! (I'll be asking my Dr (when I get another one!!) if I can get suncream on prescription asap then!

    Thank you for the link-I'll have a look :0)

  • Hello Smiler

    i have had daylight tubes fitted in my workshop and though my skin doesnt react to artificial light, the newer tubes are much nicer to live with and far less tiring.

  • Cheers for that Thaddeus :).

    I'll keep those in mind :0)

  • I have been using factor 50 on my face the last 3 years or so at work and this seems to help the rash, i get it from the docs, it's the daily face one I get, there was one I got before that and it wasn't as good.

  • Thank you Stacey-anne, I'll ask a Dr for that asap! :0)

  • Hi do you know the name of the product my GP struggled to find much to prescribe.

  • hi Erky, I'm sorry but I don't know of any yet (not got another Dr as yet!), might be worthwhile you asking the question on its own on here..

  • get the highest possible sun cream and apply even in winter because lupus is so varied, symptoms and conditions also vary from person to person

  • Thank you Neddie :0)

  • I got third degree burns on my shoulders late last year whilst watching racing. It's the first time this has happened to me so i will need to get some protection for my skin this year. Was told that the doctor should prescribe total sun block of some kind. Had no idea lighting can affect the skin. Good luck in your new job. Don't blame you for not divulging the Lupus!

  • ahh, i empathise with you MandaM. Yes, lighting does/can affect your skin, if you're hope you're not!

    Thank you, but I jacked the job off, as it was awful! (i'm never eating there again, after having worked behind the scenes in the kitchen last Thursday!). So hoping that I'll get another job asap! :0)

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