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Do you really have reflux do you have reoccurring yeast infections And are you taking an anti-inflammatory?

I have been reading all the post about gabapentin meloxicam and reflux. I hope my experience will help in someway years ago I was diagnosed with reflux after my third back surgery. I started having major problems with acid so they told me I had reflux. I tilted my bed got on Prilosec and did everything they told me to do. The acid was terrible. it also states that an anti-inflammatory can tear your stomach up and cause bad reflux and ulcers so I thought all the anti-inflammatories that were giving me might be causing this. I even had ulcers in my throat burning acid coming up nothing worked so I lived with this for two years including Reaccuring Yeast infections weekly. Do used infections were horrible I can sit down couldn’t cut the grass on the riding mower I thought I would never be able to live again normally . I finally read the side effects of gabapentin and anti-inflammatories and reflux and ulcers are you number one side effect of this medication. I stopped taking all of it . Over a two year period they ran every test you could think of and still no diagnosis just reflux . The acid was so bad it was burning my throat and I’m a singer so I went to Dolly’s doctor in Nashville and he concocted Mary’s magic mouthwash made out of all types of things and liquid anabiotic’s nothing worked. This went on for two years and I felt like I was never going to get well. I was very very disgusted even bought the yeast connection book tried everything. Then I went to a sinus doctor. I was renovating a house so l wanted the laser surgery to help my sinuses. I mentioned to the ENT what was going on with my body over the last two years so he made me swallow a tube and he went down to my stomach and said oh I see your problem. I had a bacterial infection in my stomach from the tube they put down my throat during back surgery. My point is they ran $10,000 in test and around six different types of antibiotics you name it they did it nothing worked until his ENT found the problem. He sent me home with five pills ....samples he had in his office. I thought there’s no way it’s gonna work but after the second day every symptom I had for two years went away. I was in tears. I couldn’t believe it. He gave me a Z pack. It was the only anabiotic that would kill that certain bacteria so if you been diagnosed with reflux or acid from all of this mess and you’ve had surgeries you may want to consider going to an ENT and having him run a scope down your throat and look in your stomach . The ENT saved my life. One more thing I don’t have reflux have never had reflux hope this helps

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I’m so sorry this has cost so much. My reflux was the start of all my problems, but even with no payment at point of delivery NHS I ignored it until a gastroscopy showed ulcerations all the way up my oesophagus. This has left me with a lot of problems eating enough and I’m very thin.

Later, when the rheumy symptoms started, my rheumy prescribed meloxicam which I didn’t take. No point in ripping my stomach to shreds with any kind of NSAID.

Sorry, I don’t know much about gabapentin because a few days on it gave me hallucinations which, while rather interesting at that point I decided it was a no go.

I do hope you get some relief. Omeprazole four times a day keeps the reflux under control, as well as avoiding anything sharp, spicy, or alcoholic. My favourite coffee had to go too 😕


Hi Aneato

Greetings from Michigan.

Thank you for this post. It proves that when you’re suffering you have to persevere in getting the right diagnosis and treatment.

I applaud 👏👏👏 you for your successful outcome.

Doctors do misdiagnose things proving they can get it wrong.

I’ve had countless misdiagnoses and the worst of which is you’re crazy because they wouldn’t/couldn’t admit they were clueless.

It took me 64 years to get a major illness diagnosed by DNA 🧬.

We can CELEBRATE 🎊 and claim ourselves victorious.

Best wishes for good health.

EJ 🤗💗😘🙏


Hi Aneato, I am new to this, website and newly diagnosed SLE (at the age of 63! Is this a record?) I am a nurse in the UK and sad to hear of your terrible and expensive experience. I think your problem is connected to a bacterial infection in the stomach called Helicobacter Pylori. Hydrochloric acid is powerful stuff, and anything that causes damage to the lining of the stomach (NSAID's, Helicobacter etc.) or if the acid escapes to where it shouldn't be (reflux) will cause problems. Proton pump inhibitors (PPI's) work by switching off some of the cells that produce the acid and so reducing the risk of problems. Any case of acid reflux that doesn't respond to a PPI such as Prilosec or Omeprazole should be investigated for Helicobacter, I am amazed that this was not done for you (not sure if it was?). In the UK a simple blood test is done to check for the infection and a course of the correct combination of antibiotics brings about a complete cure for those infected. Voilà! I hope this wordy explanation helps a bit and wish you continued good health.


I’m so pleased to hear that they’ve finally found out what was causing your acid reflux! My GP gave me Gabapentin for chronic pain, I took one tablet and my heart raced so fast for 10 days I thought I was going to have a heart attack! It felt like I was continually running a marathon! When I complained about them, I was told that I should have called an ambulance and that was the end of it, no alternative given!


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