Osteoarthritis in knee now a numb bum

Osteoarthritis in knee, now a burning sensation in bum cheeks , very sore hip, painful when Sat and get up to walk, now limping with pain. Got X-Ray and doctor happy with it. So what's wrong started 2 months ago. Feel alone like doctor doesn't seem to realise it's so sore. Low at the moment as lost my mum last week. 😢 I'm 51 had lupus since age 14.

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  • Hi molly19, reads like you're going thru a difficult & confusing time at moment, which can be lonely. Sorry to read you lost your mum. Distressing times can probably trigger a Lupus flare-up. I pray you have some support thru this difficult time & that the x-Ray will give answers to find treatment that works for you. Peace & love x

  • Thank you so much Magsle I have support but all I want to do is go out with my dog alone. Miss her so much. X

  • Hiya Magsle, went to physio 're hip burning sensation in bum ouch. He said it's bursitis ,I've never heard of it, all I know it's painful. He gave me steroid injection and should improve in a weeks time. Hope your alright at the moment . Take care .Hugs x

  • So sorry about your mum and also about your pain in hip. The numb bum should be checked out as I believe this is more likely to be arthritis or sciatica in your lumbar region (lower back) than arthritis in your hip - could be referred pain and they x-rayed the wrong part?

    I don't want to scare you but a friend was dismissed with this problem repeatedly BT her GP and x-Ray didn't show that she actually had a very serious condition called Cauda Equina. She learned just in time through MRI when she lost sensation for peeing and pooing after years of bother. She had emergency spinal surgery and is okay now - although she has lost sensation in her genital area and her bum and one thigh permanently.

    It's more likely to be lupus/ osteoarthritis related for you I would have thought but if the GP is too being laid about it I wouldn't hesitate to push to go back and ask for an MRI and more understanding. It isn't right to be in so much pain whatever the cause - especially not when you are grieving and need the GP to be more supportive and proactive.


  • Thank you so much twitchy toes, went back to Dr. Today going to physio be thinks inflammation of the tendons and may need injection in hip. This feeling so sad about my mum not doing me good I miss her. X

  • I know you do. I miss mine too. She died suddenly when I was 47. It is hard. Glad about the steroid jab and the physio. Be kind to yourself. Tx

  • Awe you were young to, you understand. Thank you for being supportive much appreciated hugs x

  • Hiya twitchytoes went to the physio 're hip and numb bum cheeks. It is buritis, which I've never heard of. So he gave me a steroid injection on hip, he says could take a week to settle. Hope your alright you have got it hard to. Take care. Hugs x

  • Hi dear i agree with twitchytoes. Request an mri. It investigates more than an xray. I had an xray in my knee and nothing was found but an mri show hw bad i was suffering. I suggest u request mri but mean while u can use anti inflammatory cream on d area where d pain is. Pray everything gets better

  • Thank you so much, ijeasike. Will ask, can a physio organise that at all. Hugs x

  • Ask ur gp to refer u but u can also tell ur physio to refer u for one that is if ur gp doesnt send u for one. Do give up disturb them as much as u can to give into ur request. Take care dear. Xx hugs

  • Hiya Ijeasike, 're results to my hip and numb bum cheeks, my physio says it's bursitis, never heard of it. So he gave me steroid injection and should start to work in a weeks time. Hope your alright the moment. Take care hugs x

  • Hi Molly19, so sorry for your loss. Hope you get answers to your situation soon.

  • Thank you so much denden

  • Hiya Denden , 're my sore hip and numb like sensation on bum cheeks. Physio says it's bursitis, never heard of that, got steroid injection and he said should improve in a weeks time. Hope your alright at the moment. Hugs x

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