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Drug interactions - SSRIs and treatment of Lupus Nephritis (pred, hydroxychloroquine and MMF)

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Following a recent hospital admission and stay whereby my SLE developed into nephrotic syndrome due to the deterioration of my kidneys later diagnosed as lupus Nephritis Class 2 from a kidney biopsy, I stopped taking sertraline for my mental health issues as I felt like it was interacting with my immunosuppressive medications. Currently I am on 50mg of prednisolone 1500mg of MMF (mycophenalate mofetil) and 400mg of hydroxychloroquine, I’m wondering if anyone else had to stop taking their meds or if they were ok to continue to do so as I do feel I need to be on them again. Thank you 😁

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Hello ButterflyEffect96

I can't speak from personal experience of this combination but I do use the online drug interaction checker here drugs.com/drug_interactions...

from a quick look at the 4 meds you mention, it seems there is a "moderate" interaction between sertraline and HCQ that can result in some heart irregularities. But of course, these are general indications that would vary from person to person, would probably be dose-dependent and so on. And even then, any risk migh be outweighed by the risk of not taking a drug that you need. Hope that's of some use - and do keep us up to date with how things are for you if you can. You have a lot to cope with on your own x

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SjogiBear in reply to whisperit

Thanks for that link - I have been on escitalopram with hydroxychloroquine and according to the site there is a MAJOR interaction between the two drugs and I do have known heart issues following an inpatient stay with pericarditis and having lost my father and paternal grandmother to heart attacks. I did actually take myself off the hydroxy at the end of August after there was a bit of a worried buzz around the drug last year regarding more eye problems with it than had been realised. I am rather glad that I did now! I have more aches and pains than when on hydroxy but the escitalopram has been more life changing for me so I would rather take that right now.

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