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Five years ago I was suddenly hit with a horrible illness. But it wasn't till three years ago that I was diagnosed with Lupus. I have not yet given into any prescription medication, but only because I have been able to control it with what I eat. My physical body structure has scoliosis and lordosis so I would suffer from a lot of pain in the arms, neck, and shoulders, to the point I couldn't work. I have tried different types of natural healing therapies and nothing really has helped. Except for a diet I have been very dedicated too. That is Gluten-Free. I am now 100% gluten free, and it is amazing how much the pain has reduced. I am able to do a regular days work. I also avoid direct sun light and try to consume the least amount of sugar and fried foods. I as well drink smoothies with high anti-oxidants , ginger and tumeric. Drinking Ginger and Tumeric teas as well help. The diet has given me my life back and eating health will not hurt, but really help. It took me around 10 days to start to see the difference. Please do your research about it and talk to your doctor to make sure the diet won't affect you in any way.

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  • Congratulations! After suffering through an allergic reaction to Plaquenil, and then the side effects from methotrexate, I stopped my medications with the blessings of my rheumatologist and primary care physicians and started the anti-inflammatory Paleo diet. Three years later, My ANA results have been negative for 18 months. My rheumatologist said, "Congratulations! You beat lupus! There are alternatives to drugs, and you have found that out.

  • I'm glad to hear that you have found a diet which has helped you manage your symptoms. It is important to bear in mind that everybody with lupus is different and that hydroxychloroquine is a very effective and helpful treatment for many people. Not all people with lupus will be able to manage it through diet alone, though a healthy, balanced diet is advised ( The Paleo diet will not be suitable for everybody and can have potential risks.

  • Hi PrissyU,

    It's great to hear that you have managed to help control your symptoms with your diet. Have you been tested for coeliac disease?

    I hope that you are able to continue to manage your symptoms in this way and that you won't need additional treatment. Are you still being monitored regularly by your consultant?

  • A healthy diet seems sensible, however, a healthy diet is often an immune boosting diet. My specialist says immune boosting foods won't affect my SLE????? SLE is definitely a strange one. Also...I have developed a huge insensitivity to both chillies and to alcohol, and if I ingest either, my face swells and I look like a swollen, red faced beetroot. Anyone else get this?

  • congratulations 👍 so happy to hear that it helps u ,

    did u test anything before trying to be gluten free?

    i wonder could it be the gluten that increases our symptomes despite being able to eat gluten many years ago and it didnt appear since childhood?

    anyone told u to be dairy free too?

    thank u so much

  • I am also on a gluten free (gf) diet and I know it helps. When I get glutened I feel so sick it lasts for days. I have spoken with other ppl with Lupus and other autoimmune diseases and they too are gf, but some have went a little farther than that, and now I am considering it also. I am really sick today and don't know if I got gluten when I went out the other day to eat or if its the weather. The weather really effects me, especially when it changes quickly, which happens here often. The humidity kills!! Rainy/humid hot days or cold snowy days are the worst, even with the diet being restricted to gf. The folks that have taken out ALL grains are saying that they felt that too when just gf, but now the weather is not effecting them the same way. I don't know if anyone else has really went all out and cut all grains from their diet but please let me know because I am so tired and sore and really need some more relief because it still keeps me from living my life! Some on on the "autoimmune protocol diet" please let me know if you have tried it and if it works, ty.

  • Hi Does anyone else get intermittent pain on the right side with certain foods? i have had this for about 2 years on and off. It is really making me worry , also have a rash intermittent with random foods ,and I think stress brings it on too?

  • I do sitting here drinking a cuppa and here it comes under my ribs had all the tests scan colonoscopy nothing.... feels like I have a golf ball under there

    Do get it checked out

  • Hi..agreed. I have been on a thyroid fixing, anti inflammatory diet for a month now. I am on it for life. My head itching and scabbing went away. I have less joint pain and muscular aches ( although they are slightly still there). I have more energy, but still have to be careful to not overwork. The skin on my forefinger stopped peeling off. I had a black and blue finger nail for over a month from hitting it. It has now grown out finally. I am a lot better, and like I said...will remain on this diet for life. No dairy, gluten, etc. i am going to reintroduce some foods into my diet gradually, and see how I do. I was able to go to a waterpark this summer with my children, and go camping. Will see how i fair in the winter. I still have small bouts of depression/ anxiety, but feel pretty good.

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