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Pain in wrist esp in cold?

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Hi, I have lupus do have wrist, hand and thumb pain anyway but last 10 days or do have had really sharp sudden pain on under side of my wrist lasting seconds to a minute ish. It is worse in the cold so have started to wear layers and gloves around wrists, I fo wear splints too but needing extra. Not had this before does anyone have any idea is it sounding like carpel tunnel?? I do get it when not outside too but def worse in cold and the school run pushing the pushchair too is becoming very difficult. I had to stop the other day as pain was so bad couldn’t push it had to wait for it to pass.


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Please have a chat with the GP. Best wishes Kevin

It sounds like Raynauds Syndrome. It is one of the symptoms for Lupus. U take Verapamil whuch is a calcium channel blocker. I have at it since mid 90's.

I get pain in my wrists. I used to suffer with carpal tunnel in my 20s. in leaving an office environment after 20 years, it subsided. I also get stiff fingers on my right hand. xx

Two things helped me with wrist and hand pain including carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel, and arthritis type pain: Paddison Program diet (massively helpful), and physical therapy I did at home by watching videos from the Youtube channel "Physical Therapy." The hosts Bob and Brad give things you can do at home to fix those issues. The most important thing is to start the Paddison Program diet even if you don't have rheumatoid arthritis. At the same time watch all the videos from the channel about issues with your hands and wrists. You probably have multiple contributing factors such as inflammation, overuse, incorrect ergonomics when using the computer, overuse, etc. Rest and stress relief help too. But, the Paddison Program and the Physical Therapy videos with Bob and Brad should help a lot. You don't have to pay for either, but you can make faster progress if you join the Paddison Program so you get into the community discussions. I have not joined yet, but I'm spending time watching the videos for Paddison program and reading whatever I can find on the internet and it's turned my sudden inflammatory joint issues around quickly. I've at the same time used the physical therapy videos to figure out what's going on with that end of things and to fix them. I had to do both to get the right relief. Pain relievers only hurt my intestines and didn't work as well as ginger and turmeric. I have to be careful how much turmeric I use as it can be hard on the intestines also, but it's more effective than pain relievers for me. It also thins the blood. You can buy it fresh and pulverize it into a smoothie or buy capsules or the spice. Be careful if you're also taking pain meds as that can lead to too much blood thinning and ulcers. Just a bit of turmeric is enough. Space it out too.

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