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Subtle reminder that I should be taking care of myself....


Went to the theatre to see a show.... The gentleman sat next to my husband asked him if he'd heard of lupus? And explained that he'd recently lost his wife (aged 68) who had lived with it for 40 years but suffered five strokes....

I've been eating rather a lot of my sons home baked cakes recently and am aware that seeing as the neurologist took me off the statins my cholesterol level is probably going up! So... Must eat well, take some exercise and remember that prevention of future symptoms is important for my longevity! 👍

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68yrs seems young to die nowadays and sometimes if we are well we forget what we have and carry on as "normal". But I want to live and be well as long as poss so I mind what I eat, take my meds, some regular exercise and plenty of social fun. Glad you enjoyed the theatre.

Lili18 in reply to IMWilson


I loved your reply. I hope i can think like you one day and stop being scared

Yes, we need to take care of ourselves - not always easy.

Lakewolf in reply to Cann

...and not always thought of, either.

I just did my partner’s laundry. Being in that hot laundromat took its toll. I’ve been laying in her bed (Craftmatic + a Sleep Number mattress is a real blessing.)

All I want to do is sleep, though I’m going to take a shower & get something to eat.

That’s another thing...I need to schedule my meals. If I don’t, I can go for days without eating, & then wonder why I’m so d***ed weak & dizzy.

Cann in reply to Lakewolf

Yes, I am the same. I muscle test to see when I am hungry because my body doesn't tell me or when I am thirsty.

Sometimes I think I may be hungry because I get the symptoms you describe, but I am actually needing to drink water, I find from muscle testing. A very odd state of affairs!

Very true. We all need a reminder now and again. None of us are invincible. With or without lupus. And I do try to eat well, take gentle exercise etc. But life is for living too and the odd piece of cake must be enjoyed! As someone who can't drink and doesn't smoke or take illegal drugs etc, I think my food and a little chocolate or cake now and again, is my only vice. Moderation and balance is the key. Glad you enjoyed the theatre.

Wunder53 in reply to Wendy39

Hi Wendy, very true balance is the key.... Been eating cake every day for the last couple of weeks so just got to curb it a little.... Having had a previous bleed on the brain and knowing my heart was slightly enlarged on chest X-Ray taken on 12th June (again being monitored) ... hearing about that lovely mans wife has made me take stock a little today xx

Wendy39 in reply to Wunder53

You are right. We must all be very aware. I hope your cholesterol etc stays well controlled. x

That could be a lucky conversation. I was warned about my blood sugar so cut out bread,cakes, biscuits etc and I have so much more energy. A bonus is my clothes fit better.

Wunder53 in reply to Cas70

I think so too! Not being 'typically symptomatic' as my rheumatologist put it has made me a little complacent and denying it's likely I have the condition... However looking online again yesterday it seems that it's possible to have positive ana and moderate levels of anti ds-dna (47 last time) without clinical symptoms... Presence of Anti ds-dna is apparently indicative of more serious sle which is why my rheumatologist has advised it is likely I have it and to keep out of the sun! That conversation was an eye opener for both myself and my husband in that I need to be taking this more seriously whilst appreciating that I'm fairly symptom free but this may change so must take care and am keeping a diary of anything that may be relevant for my next appointment. 👍

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