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Returning to work advice


Dear all

I’m looking for some advice

I’ve been off work since Feb 2018 with fatigue , joint pain , nerve pain , dry eyes & mouth . I’ve had numerous test and have seen a Rheumatologist privately . He ruled out lupus as all blood NAD . He suggested I had Sjogrens . I’m currently awaiting the results of the lip biopsy (although I’m unsure why they call it that as they actually remove silivary glands !)

I have been feeling much better over recent weeks and now feel well enough to return to work (albeit a phased return )

It was agreed with HR last week that I would see the OH Dr before my return on 4th September . At this meeting I thought I would have lip biopsy results by then . At the hospital appt on Friday I was told there was a 6-8 week wait for results (due to a backlog) I informed my HR dept and they now want to postpone my OH drs appt until I get the results - I’m upset by this and wondered if anyone here has had a similar problem when returning to work before a diagnosis is given ?

My thoughts are that my feeling much better , no fatigue (increase in thyroxine and addition of Vit D ) , joint pain now well managed with tramadol , nerve pain gone with using CBD oil .sleeping pattern much improved . Eye drops & extra fluoride toothpaste etc - should be the main reason why I’m fit for work not a diagnosis !! . I’m certain my HR department don’t understand the nature of auto immune conditions especially about flares but um struggling to convince them that I’m fit to work .

The delay in the lip biopsy results looks like I won’t be able to Return to work until end sept/Oct now - and then the is the wait for OH dr appt , notes to get from GP to them etc - and after all that I may still not have a diagnosis !! - I think this is very unfair especially as I’m now out of sick pay .

Any comments, suggestions or advice would be welcome

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Have you visited your gp to get a fit for work note?

I’m sure if you get that, you can return. If they refuse you maybe covered by discrimination of some sort.

Most likely not very helpful but I think you and your work should give you a high five for wanting to go back

Good luck x

Angela1963 in reply to Lisalou19

Thank you Lisalou

My GP is excellent and will sign me fit for work (with a phased return ) he already sign me off back in June but unfortunately I had a relapse a few days before I was due to return . I’ve had a much longer stretch of mainly Ok days some good days and just the odd bad day and feel I’m ready to return to work .

I don’t see why they need to specifically wait for a diagnosis?! With these illnesses they may be in for a long wait ha ha!! As it can take a long time to get a difinitive diagnosis as so many conditions overlap or mimic.

And I don’t see what difference a label makes to u returning to work? Surely if u say u are feeling well enough that should be enough and that if the gp assesses you to be fit to return prior to the biopsy result that should be sufficient?!

I know they are probably trying to cover themselves but I don’t think they should expect the result to be the be all and end all.

Just be sure that u are defo ready as u don’t want it to count as another episode if u do go back x

Angela1963 in reply to Sara_A

Thank you Sara - my thoughts exactly . I’m going to ask them to speak to OH Dr to get his view - I’m sure he’ll think the same as us .

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