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Advice on blood results anyone?


Hi All. Thank you for letting me join. I'm not actually diagnosed with lupus yet. I have so many medical mysteries that have been going on for so long I that it will be a relief to know what exactly is going on. I've just picked up some latest blood results. Make sense to anyone? ANA Positive. Nucleolar pattern. Anti DNA 22.7. Anti ENA Screen positve. Going to make a new appointment but just wondered what they meant. Anyone had similar?

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Hi there! Great to hear to have made a leap forward in getting a diagnosis! It was relief I felt when the doctor finally said "you have lupus" because of the strange things happening to me. The ANA test is frequently positive in systemic immune-mediated inflammatory disease (aka autoimmune diseases, connective tissue disease). The anti-DNA is positive in the vast majority of people with SLE (systemic lupus); the number indicates disease activity and 22.7 is low. Your doctor will ask a series of questions - do you have a rash? mouth ulcers? nose ulcers? headache? is your hair falling out? do you have joint pain? - because an SLE diagnosis has to meet at least 4 from eleven criteria (that's because every case is unique, everyone has different manifestations). I think positive ENA is a pointer to Sjorgen's Syndrome but I'm not sure; overlap in autoimmune disease is common. Make a list of things to ask your doctor before you go, and get answers!! Stay positive, because the worst is over...that Not Knowing! Take care and keep us updated xxx

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Hi, thanks for that. Really helpful. I forgot to say, my ANA in December was 1:320 and the latest one was 1:640. Does that mean I'm getting worse??

Hello missmolly55

It is impossible to tell much from a few numbers, or the basic positive/negative dichotomy. For example, 'ANA positive' is, on its own, almost meaningless. ANA tests are generally quantified, so that we can tell how intense the ANA reaction is. Likewise, a 'positive ENA' is very non-specific, as ENA can be raised in many inflammatory/auto-immune conditions.

The values and cut-off points are also slightly different depending on the specific test that is used. A low number (like 22.7) for anti-dsDNA may fall into the 'not significant' range, depending on the test used. Overall, I'd say that, without the wider context of your history, symptoms and so on, those results are nearly impossible to interpret! Sadly, living with uncertainty is the fate of many of us with long term auto-immune issues.

When you next see your clinician, do press her/him with whatever questions you have. Try not to leave until you have answers that make sense to you :) x

Hi missmolly55, I’ve got a lupus book that explains all the different blood test & results etc. I can check for u if u like? Like u I had many medical mysteries!! My inflammatory markers were raised for many months & I was experiencing extreme fatigue, joint/muscle pain. Long story short, turned out I was highly positive for Antiphospholipid Syndrome & sle was a secondary diagnosis about 6 months later. My rheumatologist has always said my symptoms are much more sle & wasn’t surprised when my ANA turned positive. Sending u supportive hugs 🤗 xx 😘

Hi, that would be good if you could have a look for me. I've got a rhuematologist appt next thursday...I'm going with lots of questions lol....I do want to squease a diagnosis out of him though...

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That's great you don't have a long wait to see your Rheumie...focus on thinking about what you need to know from him/her till then xxx


Hi missmolly55,

Welcome to the LUPUS UK Community Forum. I hope that you find this a helpful place for information and support.

I'm afraid as we are not medically qualified we are not able to interpret your blood test results for you. I would definitely recommend discussing them with your doctor. Was it your GP who requested these tests, or are you under the care of a rheumatologist?

If you would like to read more about what these tests are, please take a look at our factsheet at

If you need more information about lupus and LUPUS UK, we have a free pack which is available to request or download on our website at

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