Mitral Valve Regurgitation anyone??

Hello everyone, I've just turned 50 and I have MCTD, raynauds, sjrogrens and asthma and I've just received a letter from my Rheumy saying my last ECG showed this. At the moment it's mild and she wants to do other investigations. Anyone else have this? What happens next? I did Google it but I'm just too exhausted at the moment to make sense of anything so any info or advice from you clever people on here would be much appreciated 😊 Bronagh

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  • Hello Branagh

    Am sorry about this mitral valve issue. Can only be extra tough understanding this when you're especially fatigued. It's really good your rheumy is on the ball and organising more tests....and that the ECG indicates your case is mild. My impression is that you'll be seen by cardiology about this too.

    I hope someone with actual experience of MVR replies

    It's tough waiting for more clarity when specialist signs & symptoms like this crop up (don't I know it πŸ˜‰) so glad you sending you a virtual box full of gentle hugs: minimum 1 to be taken daily πŸ€—

    πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ coco

  • Thankyou Coco, I'm feeling the hugs already! I'm going to try to put it out of my head until I see my Consultant but as I'm sure you know that's easier said than done. 😊 Bronagh

  • Good plan πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. For what it's worth, the MVR links I read are indeed reassuring re mild MVR. πŸ€πŸ˜˜.

  • Hello

    I've just come back from my GP surgery. I had cataract surgery in Sept and a routine ECG suggested that I had had a heart attack at some point, probably last summer when I had Pnuemonia and the sudden onset of asthma. My Rheumatologist sent me for and Echo cardiogram and today my GP told me that it showed mitral valve regurgitation

  • sorry I ended a bit abruptly Bronagh, my Tesco delivery man was at the door. So my GP was trying to be reassuring but I wasn't very receptive I'm afraid. I feel as though I'm just waiting to see which major organ fails next! Anyway he is going to contact a cardiologist and ask for advice. He doesn't particularly want to make a referral as I attend quite a few clinics already but he thinks that an annual Echocardiogram might be the answer.

    I'm exhausted and down hearted but on the plus side my cataract option was very successful so at least my eyes are working properly.

  • Thanks for your reply Maurice, I can understand you feeling so exhausted and down hearted I'm a bit like that myself at the moment! It's difficult to constantly remain upbeat when it's just one thing after another, this last while I've been running to medical appointments non stop. I'm glad the cataracts are sorted and hopefully the mitral regurgitation will be mild, I'm waiting to speak to my Consultant and trying to put it to the back of my mind until then. The NHS website has good information on it maybe have a look at it.

  • Hi dear. You wanted a clever person buy sadly you only got me, sorry ;)

    You should ask for a cardiologist referal to run more tests on you, maybe an ecocardiogram, to properly evaluate how good/bad is your case. At least that is how I was diagnosed, all my ECG were "normal". Actually my cardio said that MVR is fairly common but goes undiagnosed and it is possible that you never have a big health issue related to it. I hope that is your case too.

    I see you don't mention having APS /sticky blood which is great. Maybe a blood clot swimming upstream could be a risk, I was told. Otherwise you really should not worry. really really.

    I wasn't put on any medication for it and it's very hard for me to tell MVR symptoms if any... sometimes I feel tired and with low energy but I blame anemia, lupus and medication side effects. A bit of meditation and exercise helps. Laughing with friends and family helps more :)

    There are more tests a cardiologist can do. My personal experience is EKG/ECG, then 24hr blood pressure portable equipment, then 24hr ECG (Holter monitor), then ecocardiogram. Tiresome. But a rheumy doesn't have all these toys and gadgets and a cardio would, this is why you need a cardio referral. And sleeping well, healthy lifestyle and a foot massage, that part is important. Take care! hugs


  • Oh Samantha you are an absolute gem! And clever and funny! It was on my ECG that this showed up and I'm waiting the results of the 24 hour monitor. Like yourself it's hard to determine what is causing what, I have awful breathlessness, palpitations, fatigue etc but also have difficult asthma and anaemia with the MCTD and am on loads of meds. I really appreciate your reply and take reassurance from it. Love the bit about foot massage.....will pass that on to hubby. 😊 Bronagh

  • Hi Branagh, sorry to hear you have something else to add to your list.

    I had this diagnosed years ago and it hasn't been mentioned since. I have SLE and APS ( antiphospholipid syndrome), & SS. I wouldn't over worry but of course go to all the follow ups that are suggested.

    I only notice palpitations when I lie on my left side, occasionally. And I get chest pain but that could also be due to costochrondritis or pericarditis and pleuritis, both occur with serositis as part of a lupus flare.

    Never ignore chest pain.

    So I guess I am saying, have MVR fully investigated and then you will start to recognise symptoms and the causes, and know what's what.

    All the best, lots of virtual hugs πŸ€— and keep us posted.



  • Thanks Penelope-Mary that's all very reassuring, it's interesting what you said about lying on your left side, I can hear my heart really loudly lying on my left didn't realise it was to do with this. I'll do as you suggest, get it investigated and educate myself about it and then just get on with life. 😊 Bronagh

  • It's what we do, isn't it !


  • Hi there! i have MVP with a mild regurgitation. I just yearly to make sure it is basically a small leak. Otherwise I live a normal life. Sometimes I feel the fluttering and I know it is the regurgitation so I don't panic. Good luck to you!

  • Thankyou Lucky, all these replies have really helped! I'm usually really stoic about everything but this last year my health has gone really downhill so when I learned about this it did knock me for six but feeling better now. 😊 Bronagh

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