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Today was the day for a long awaited appointment with a rheumatologist/dermatologist but it has been cancelled :-(


Oh well today after all is not the day for me to make progress. Have to wait until 4th July now!

In a strange way I feel a little relieved as I don’t have to deal with all the anxiety I experience when I’m due to attend an appointment. I find myself always doubting these symptoms at the time I really need to have faith in myself. All this being referred for a mental health assessment in the past has caused me so much damage.

Fingers crossed some day soon I will have all the answers I need. Roll on 4th July , I’ve waited so long, I can wait a little longer 😐

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Oh Lisalou that's so frustrating, good job the wait till the next one isn't too long. I do hope you get the answers you're longing for on 4th July. I know when I was finally referred to rheumatology I could have jumped for joy but he only seemed to want to do blood tests and since they came back relatively ok apart from high ESR and CRP and they found I actually had a bulging disc when pain management did MRI, they declined to see me any more and I've felt so bad many times since I so want a referral back to get to the bottom of my pain. I have pain when my skin is deeply pressed, around all my muscles and bones, it feels lumpy and there are lots of tender lumps, the chiropractor said some form of myalgia but I never really got the chance to tell the rheumy about any of this.

I so hope you get someone who listens and understands and offers some suggestions for treatment etc. Good luck x

Lisalou19 in reply to kayraw

You would think this day in age, doctors were used to hearing these symptoms and putting the pieces together . My bloods are always normal 🙄 but I’ve so far managed to see a consultant twice with physical symptoms.

I feel really rough today, extreme back pain which is making me feel sick.

Back in January no one was listening to me, so I practically went to the doctors on a daily basis . Finally my surgery agreed it was an autoimmune disease. You have to really fight and push to get the help you need. Be a nuisance to whoever until someone listens . X

Krawlins in reply to Lisalou19

Sorry you feel so rough, I woke up early this morning because of pain virtually everywhere, I reached for a tablet and didn't know which one to pick, I've such a choice between gabapentin, co-codamol or naproxen, I went for gabapentin because naproxen should be taken with or after food. I was meant to get a call from pain management 6 weeks after I had epidural nerve block and something else? that was in January and ,5 months later I'm still waiting on that phone call, I just can't get hold of them, its so frustrating. I shall have to go back to GP, I must have something wrong, this pain isn't normal or acceptable,

Best wishes and good luck, hope you feel better today x

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