Sore throat - I have had a sore throat for months. It hurts every day. Some days are worse than others. I was diagnosed in November and am i

Into my 6th month of meds - Hydroxychloroquine 200mg twice a day. Most of my symptoms are much better but I am certainly not symptoms free. My GP checked for glandular fever in February and it was clear. That GP has now left and I am having to face starting again with a new one. Today, the new one had no idea whether a sore throat was normal for lupus sufferers and has referred me to ENT. Do I need this? So here I am. Is a sore throat, like you've swallowed glass, normal?

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  • Hi wendy thats so weird lol i was just gonna ask the same question lol! Im in your boat I've had a sore throat now for 5 weeks i had antibiotic and it did go away for a few days and then came back again :( like you its like swallowing needles! Phoned gp today & he basically asked if i had temp or any other symp which i dont have either & he advised to come in next week if throat no better? I do have dry mouth wonder is this anything that causes it? Im also in a bit of flare too so maybe thats related! Im always hoarse & i never worried about that because i thought it was a lupie symptom but now I'm worried the throat thing is connected? Just wish it would go away:( hope we both get some answers on this!

  • snap ladies ive had this for about 10 years i take antihistamine and i gargle everyday (that helpsmouth ulcers too) with benzydamine hope ive helpedx

  • Not as far as I know. Sjorgens gives you a very dry mouth. Your new doc has done right thing though. It is best never to assume that everything is lupus as sometimes things happen that are totally unconnected with the lupus and it is better that they check xx

  • I have a sore throat almost all the time, worse when I flare up. Sore throat, but no swollen tonsils. For me I think it's from the dryness of Sjogren's. I have very dry sinuses, nose, mouth and throat. Been sent to the ENT but he saw nothing significant. I use a saline spray and this helps a little.

  • Hello. Just wanted to update you. I saw the Consultant E.N.T. on Thursday. Sore throat ongoing. Not a bad waiting time I thought and he was lovely. I said that every time anyone looks at my throat they say that they can't see anything wrong, but I feel it further down. Negative glandular fever test etc. Some days it is worse than others, but it always there. He did an examination and then said he wanted to look with a magic eye thing. He put it up my nose and I had to swallow it. Felt quite uncomfortable but not painful. He showed me the screen with the pictures, showed me my vocal cords etc. There was no redness and no sores. He said that he could not see anything wrong and there was no cause for concern. He said unfortunately some people suffer from sore throats and the reason is never found. He said it could be acid reflux - I said never really suffered from indigestion except when being diagnosed and starting medication. He said sometime people can get silent acid reflux. He said that I could ask my GP for medication (but I think there is a problem here with indigestion remedies and hydroxy? But I don't think it is that, anyway).He said it was more likely to be caused by my Lupus or even stress related. So I am none the wiser for the cause but I am happy that there is nothing sinister going on down there and nothing to worry about. How's your throat sophieh? Wendy x

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