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Llandudno Information day

I’m biased, thank you for a wonderful afternoon.

Karen Newby and her North Wales team for the local organisation.

The Romford team and Chris and Paul on site.

Peter Maddison who steered us through the afternoon.

Peter Higson, our locally grown Chair of BCUHB, for opening the afternoon.

Eve Smith, Christian Hedrich and Sammy Ainsworth for guiding us through Alder Hey and the power of children in leading clinicians to successful outcomes.

Anne Breslin and Trish Bartley for support with fatigue and mindfulness. Do a little then do a little bit more. Put those feet on the ground, think of now not tomorrow. Read a poem. Walk in the field....think about touch and the last and next breath.

The sun shone in Llandudno. Diolch Kevin

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Wish I could have been there sounded like a great programme of speakers & also to meet others. Looking forward to any postings/recordings of the event 😃.... Glad he day went so well. ML


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