Please folk, for us oldies on here, whose mobile phones don't work at home, could we avoid text-speak as I don't understand half of it and just have to have a stab at what I think it (, the same applies to drrug abbreviations, only diagnosed this past year, it was only through this site that I found ANA and then had to look that up! I know I am ignorant on half of the discussions on this site, but a little help folks for the oldies such as me!

Many thanks to all of you on this great site (with tongue in cheek)

lol ??

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  • evening kathrynayrshire, i understand some text speak but sometimes when my son (aged 14) texts me i have to ask my daughter to translate it for me!!

  • I totally agree with you, let's keep the good old English language going for those of us who have not learnt the new abbreviated text language.

  • Maybe for drug name abbreviations we could have a glossary. I abbreviate to save the typing because of wrist pain - so writing them in full every time is a pain.

    I'll work on it!

  • I often don't make a comment on a blog written because i do not understand a word.

    But i also understands MaggieS maybe a Drug Glossary !!

    Maybe Paul will look into this!!

  • This website will be having a facelift within the next couple of months and there will be a few new features. I believe one of them will allow me to add documents to the site, so a glossary could be done. I may need help from some of you to create it over time though.

  • SNAP, I am the same as you and my kids roll with laughing when I send a text as I write it as though I am saying it, make sence to me. At 65 I hardly ever use my mobile as a) can't see the buttons without my reading Glasses and b) if I'm out, I'm out and don't want phone calls! I have it for emergancies only and like you I don't understand most of the 'text talk'. My friend sent a Sympathy card to the husband of one of Her friends and put LOL on the

    bottom, she thought it meant lots of love - Laugh out Loud was not quite the right thing to put! Gave us a laugh though. From a 65 years young non text-talker.xx

  • I am only middle aged and don't understand a lot of the text talk and do the same as others that have commented and guess a lot.

    A Drug Glossery would be very helpful so would a condition glossery, by that I mean people come on and they have Lupus and such and such or they have something Lupus and I end up going through google to find out what it is.

  • Y not? Is gr8! Just kidding, I hate txt spk! ;)

  • We are all different, l am 50 with 5 children, and as most things l just do my best to learn new things and enjoy learning, l have found with medical abbreviations that the more you educate yourself about your condition the more you can accept it eventually and knowledge is POWER. I do understand its difficult sometimes but l love a challenge and keeping my mind active all the time. Sad to see that so many youngsters these days dont know the joy of reading a good book anymore as they live their lives via their mobiles . : )

  • I'm the same, as in ..can't be bothered to read and comment on posts not written in 'proper' English..

    It simply takes too much energy to 'translate.' Though I do find it useful to know abbreviated names on drugs and conditions, as used 'everywhere' - so make an effort to look those up when I come across something I don't know. xxx :)

  • Hi as one oldie to another it is confusing sometimes and we try not to get left behind, but this is a great site and I was diagnosed in October and everyone on here is really helpful and they will explain if you ask them to , they don't mind whatever your age. good luck

  • Must admit, I abbreviate A LOT as easier & quicker 4 me 2 type, especially when my hands/wrists etc r sore ;)

  • When I first started using this site, I was so frustrated by the use of text talk , PARTICULARLY ON SOME POSTS!!!!!!, that I was put off even trying to read them, my poor lupie-fogged up brain just wouldn't process it, although I know what it means, and after 30+ years I'm familiar with most drugs/tests/procedures abbreviations, lupus-related and otherwise.It's just too tiring sometimes, as Nightjar said, to mentally translate the text.

    I was sorely tempted to post on the subject myself,Kathin, but wondered if it was just me being out of touch at 52 and over-picky on things like this(why is it it suddenly seems that no-one under the age of 30 can pronounce 'th' anymore?I've even heard a BBC presenter say "I fink" and "Mrs Smiff"!and it 's national now, nothing to do with regional accents, because I hear it all the time in Liverpool, and it is definitely not part of a Scouse accent-but I digress....)

    I do think it is important to get medical terms right though, some spellings of drugs and medical conditions I've seen on this, and similar forums, have left me baffled, and could easily cause confusion.It is vital a patient knows what drug and dosage they take, learn the spelling and how to pronounce it, for their own benefit and safety, and as a means of empowerment.It doesn't take long to look at your prescription sheet or tablet box, and maybe ask a doctor or nurse treating you what it is and what you take it for.As for the text talk, I could never use it myself, as I always have to use 'proper' spelling , punctuation etc even in a phone text , my kids pity me, I think, but old habits die hard!(Typed v-e-r-y slowly with one finger. at 4a.m......!) Best wishes to all, especially anyone else up at silly-o'clock!xxxx

  • THANK YOU ALL, there was me thinking I was on my own on this subject. When I opened my mail box and saw all the posts I thought I was due a dressing down for being so old fashioned. It wasn't until I logged on that I realised it wasn't just me.

    I haven't had such a good laugh in ages and after yesterday, when I was too 'out of sorts' to log on, I am cheered up no end.

    I am a little confused (nothing new there then) if LOL means laugh out loud what is text speak for Lots of Love??

    Take care of yourselves folks

  • <3 that'll do 4 me ;) x

  • Looks more like an ice cream thou :/ It works on Facebook lol!

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