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Knee infection

Haven’t posted on here for a while, but this week my right knee began to hurt, then when I got up next morning could hardly walk. My knee was also burning, hit and felt sore. Was told at gps I had housemaids knee, just to rest it and use ice on it. It was swollen at night so went to a and, where the doctor there thought it was an infection so prescribed antibiotics, going down now, but could this be a lupus flare up. Not had one since been diagnosed with lupus almost 5 year ago

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Hi.sorry you are feeling poorly. Dr did not order bloods? How can he be sure without analysis? Lupus flare is always a possibility, sadly. Hope you get better soon :)



Thank you for the reply, it was actually the practice nurse at the surgery I saw, then when I went to a and e it was a doctor I saw, he do give me antibiotics, but no blood test.

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