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Any ideas what could help me with my migraines?

I’ve tried everything and although I can function my migraine recently has lasted over 4 weeks and is not letting up.

Of all my meds dispersible aspirin and paracetamol together work to ease it for a few hours, ice pack imigran nasal inhaler pills etc but I can’t shake it off.

I’m seeing my rheumy Thursday and advice on what I can say to him as I can’t cope Witt this continuing and I haven’t a clue why it won’t go? 😰

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Thank you that’s a huge help!

I remember seeing one blood test result which was slightly over range and it was about sticky blood but tbh the tests that’s I had access to we’re from my Endo nearly 2 years ago.

I’ll discuss this will my rhuemy and whatever happens I definitely need a referral to the headache clinic which I didn’t know even exited only heard of a pain clinic.

Melba1 in reply to MissFG

Oh that’s horrible isn’t it? I’ve become ‘stuck’ in a migraine before. Sometimes if you take too many painkillers to try and get rid of it (even just a few days) you can then get a headache from that - I had to stop all painkillers for a week for a week which was awful but the migraine did then get better.

Have you looked at your diet too? I was craving chocolate and Diet Coke (thought they were a cure when I was getting a migraine 🙄) but both make it much worse.

I find migraleve works well but sometimes they can be part of an active lupus flare for me so a cure is achieved through steroids and lupus meds but sometimes it’s just a migraine on its own. Difficult to know which though - I hope you get some help because it’s miserable having a permanent bad headache. Do you get all the neurological symptoms too - the pins and needles, disorientation etc?


MissFG in reply to Melba1

I’m carefully watching my diet and pretty strict anyway.

Don’t feel so bad today so won’t put my hair up as it seems to be a trigger or at least makes it a lot worse as they’re not easing up. Only aspirin seems to ease them temporarily atm.

I’ve been under a neurologist years ago and he said once a migraine suffered always a migraine sufferer. My symptoms vary depending on how severe they are but feels more part of a flare


Hi MissFG,

We published a blog article on 'coping with headaches and migraines' which I hope you will find useful: lupusuk.org.uk/headaches-an...

Hi MissFG

Sorry to hear you suffer with migraines. I used to get them nearly every week and they were awful, I would always vomit and they would last up to a week. I even had a MRI scan as the rheumatologist thought the SLE was messing with my brain. It turned out to be my diet like someone mentioned. I cut out chocolate, cheese, oranges and ALL artificial sweeteners like aspartame. Another terrible ingredient to avoid is MSG, a chemical food additive, it causes my joints to swell and brings on a migraine. I very rarely get migraines now I know. Good Luck.

MissFG in reply to JanJan63

I’m on the paleo diet so pretty strict already not sure there is much more I can cut out without having an adverse affect on me

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