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Rhubarb gin and advice please


Need advice. Not about the rhubarb gin- as delicious as it’ tastes tonight I’ll be feeling it on Thursday. But sometimes you have to live in the gin fuddled moment.

Which... led me to thinking (ironically) has anyone tried one of these full detox breaks? Yoga, Neti pots, Pilates, vegan juices and enema type ‘breaks’. Juice for a week thing.

Did they do any good?

Getting desperate enough to cash in the ISA

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The only lasting good they do is to improve someone's bank balance at the expense of lightening yours.

They can be good fun (other than enema breaks, they are downright dangerous even if Princess D swore by them so PLEASE don't try them). Whatever you do in a week is never going to heal an autoimmune disorder and within a week all the weight will be back on as you return to normal life.

Better to improve the quality of the food you eat day to day and spoil yourself occasionally with a massage or a pamper session.

MsAndyIvy in reply to PMRpro

I eat a really healthy diet with lots of fruit and veg etc.

Think it’s more about doing something to take control.

PMRpro in reply to MsAndyIvy

You can still do that a lot more effectively from home than putting money into someone else's pocket.

Rhubarb and gin would probably kill me let alone the detox! Enemas can damage a dodgy bowel. Have done yoga and found quite helpful. I eat lots of fruit and veg rather than juices, although I did juice when I was seriously ill.

Pilates can be useful. Best wishes Kevin

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