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New rash

Hi all,

I’ve recently stared getting a new rash - hurrah *rolls eyes*

It’s across my chest - red and blotchy, but not raised or itchy. It tends to be worse in the mornings and fades during the day.

I only very rarely get a malar rash on my face, although I used to get it more in my 20’s (long before I was diagnosed and I’m now 50).

Just wondered if anyone else has similar?

Many thanks 💐

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Hi Nurseladybird,

Have you shown your doctor the rash? Make sure you take some photos if possible in case it clears up.

We have a booklet about skin involvement in lupus which may be of interest - lupusuk.org.uk/wp-content/u...


Thanks Paul, I’ve got an appointment with the rheumatologist in 3 weeks and have taken a couple of photos, although she’s generally pretty disinterested in stuff like that.


Go to general practitioner because it can be a sign of General health problems as well.

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I had a rash across chest when flair started. More like red dots but not itchy. Once I started in medication it subsided and has now completely gone. Sure it’s related.

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