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Well, not much of an update. ANA tests came back - all negative. Not really sure how I’m feeling about that to be honest.

Been referred to Rheumy anyway - only test which hasn’t returned as yet is my RA Factor - GP thinks this is abit strange, as should have returned with ANA results. It’s being chased.

Anyway, few recent things have changed. Naproxen which I was taking for my joint pain - well, I suddenly had a ridiculous reaction to it. Blood blister type spots all over. Never had a reaction to an NSAID before, but in fairness I never had a reaction to Penicillin before, until last year. So make of that what you will...... happy coincidence? Who knows!

I’m obviously now off the Naproxen and although it didn’t get rid of the pain whilst taking it, I do feel it slightly took an edge off. So abit gutted!

Also 2 weeks into taking Iron and Folic for the anaemia. Can’t say I’m feeling a difference just yet, but I’m sure it will happen.

Back at immunology next week, and the plan was to move onto immunosuppressants to try and get a grip of the cold urticaria, which is currently out of control. I don’t really leave the house unless I absolutely have to. Doc has stuck me on sick for 2 weeks to give the iron time to kick in abit.

So far Lupus, RA, Fibro and Mastocytosis has been thrown into the possible diagnosis box. But I’m very confused with the negative ANA.

Are any of those even possible?


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Hello, sorry you’re going through a hard time health wise and with no clear diagnosis/ treatment.

Most people with lupus will have a positive ANA at some stage in their illness but there are many of us who are sometimes positive , sometimes negative and a few (I think 5% is the official percentage) who are classed as seronegative (ANA -ve). Hopefully the rheumatologist will find out the problems and get you much better.

Good luck - hope the iron kicks in soon


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Thank you!

Hoping that it all fits into place soon! Wish I’d have chased issues with my health up when I was younger. I’m not particularly bothered anymore about a definite diagnosis as long as my symptoms are treated and I start feeling well, if that at all makes sense. :) x


my bloods are always negative, but my physical symptoms are very visual at times.I find it so frustrating, as every time your bloods are fine, you are deemed as fine!!!!

I have no diagnosis yet, currently waiting on a referral appointment.

My dad has rheumatoid arthritis , he has never produced a positive blood test for it, but luckily he had a doctor who treated him on symptoms alone.


I have positive ANA positive RO raised dsdna and my renal consultant says I'm in remission so I'm totally confused .


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