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Lupy's wobble and they do fall down !!

I have had Lupus & Fibro for the last 5+ years. I wanted to know if any of you lovely people have had problems failing over, I have fallen 3 times now over the last 6 months and I get worried every time i go out now. I just seem to lose my footing and fall flat on my face, it all happens so quick. There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason for it, could be on soft or hard ground, even or uneven. Anyone else have this problem

Any help or advise would be good



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Hi Teaspoon13,

Is your doctor aware that you have been falling more? They may wish to do some investigations and/or refer you to a falls clinic. nhs.uk/conditions/falls/


Hey Teaspoon :)

Despite me being a martial artist I have terrible balance and spacial arawness, I fall over my own feet all the time!

I think it may be important to talk to your gp if any of your conditions of medicine make your balance worse, while most falls you can just get back up from you don't want to put yourself in danger for that one nasty one. Do you feel any dizziness or unstable at all?

I guess my only other advice is wearing shoes with better grips and maybe even learning how to breakfall! That's one thing I can do, easy to learn. I am bad at doing it for when I do trip but it can save lives, it did for my dad :) Xx


I too experience poor balance but have thankfully not had to many bad falls as of yet. I do tend to keep closer to walls and furniture to catch myself upon when I get unbalanced so that may explain why it hasn't been to bad as yet. I always have had poor balance though as do both of my daughters so it may be a genetic thing.


Yes, this is a thing. I eventually moved into a bungalow because stairs were downright dangerous - when I moved with Dutchman I don't go up the stairs at all if I can help it. I take my phone with me everywhere as I've fallen once before and nobody could hear me :/ I can turn around in a circle and find myself nearly going over. And I used to have astonishing balance - the only thing that saves me is my reflexes used to be incredible too, and even though they've slowed down considerably, they're still better than average and I can usually grab onto a countertop or brace against a wall.

If this is a new thing for you, I agree you should get it looked into just to maybe eliminate some possibilities. Is it dizziness? Muscle fatigue? Something else along those lines? They might be able to narrow it down for you. I hope you get some answers.


Thank you for all your advice

Looks like it's off to the Doc's for me

Turning 50 this year but feel like a pensioner before my time !!

Thanks all & stay well

T x


Sometimes balance problems can be connected to ear problems , definitely is in my case .


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