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Computer screens - do they affect your SLE?

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I was just wondering if anyone else has any flare up of Lupus symptoms after using a computer or laptop? I have noticed for a long time now that if I use my laptop for more than about an hour my Lupus rash on my face flares up. Also, I have recently started doing some charity work from home, which has meant spending much longer on the laptop, and the last week or so my Lupus has really flared up in general, and my headaches have been terrible. If anyone else has this, any tips on how to cope with it would be most welcome. Thanks, Karen.

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Karen, yes unfortunately using the computer, does affect my SLE, moreover the photosensitivity aspect of it, it also triggers if I really push it, my cluster migraine issues, so I limit my time on the PC to the bare minimum.

You might find that an anti-glare/filter cover helps, and as ridiculous as this sounds, plenty of sunscreen on your face.

Good luck I hope you find a way to combat this to suit you.

I find that it is mainly strip lights that effect me, but I have noticed that too long sitting in front of my PC screen does also have an effect. While watching TV, I sometimes wear sunglasses as I find that without I can also have problems.

I don't beleive using computers affects me. The only time i struggle is when i have scleritis then i can't tolerate any light in the affected eye. I don't like bright lights generally but working in a hospital i have to live with them although the ones overhead of my workstation do dim down to night mode. I don't think my hatred of bright light is down to Lupus as i know many others without Lupus who aren't fans either.

Yes definitely. I've noticed that sitting too long in front of the computer effects me. I am very sun sensitive anyway. I try to limit my time in front of the screen, but once I get on here, I get carried away reading everyone's comments!

There is lots of helpful advice, & useful products regarding this on the Eclipse website, accessible through Lupus UK site.

Best wishes. X

Thanks everyone. I had a look at the Lupus site last night, and have ordered an anti-glare/uv filter screen, so will see if that helps at all. x

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Quinquin in reply to Karen34

hi karen, so have you tried the uv filter screen? did it help? :)

I've worked In a bank for the last 25 years and stare at a computer screen all day with strip lights above me.....can't say either have ever had any effect on my lupus flares

I have the same proplems with computer screens so I have to limit my time on the computer and turn the screen brightness right down in order to tolorate it for a short time. If I stay too long it causes my lupus to become worse. I also have proplems with TV screens. A few years ago I had to purchase a new tv. After purchasing two different ones and returning them because I found I could not sit in front of them even for a short time, without becoming quite ill form the affects of the light. Even turning the brightness right down didnt help. I spoke to a young lady quite by accident at argos customer services and she said she had the same problem. she said that someone recomended purchasing a samsung tv because it had back light control and it seemes, its the back light that cause the problem and this worked for her. so I purchased the tv, turned down the back light and the brightness and placed the tv at a good distance away from me and it worked. I was very grateful for her advise as I was thinking of giving up watching tv altogether.

I have found that Gunnar Glasses really help.They are yellow but filter out the elements that cause my eyes to burn, my face to become butterflyed .... followed by a Lupus flare. I don't have to quit using the laptop only after a few moments anymore. They are great.

Id suggest using the anti glare uv filter screen. Hope it works x

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