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Chest Pain above right breast

For about 1-2 weeks I've had a horrible chest cold. Coughing and mucus galore. I started to get better, coughing less, when I got a new symptom.

I have strange chest pains above my right breast and near my armpit. It's a kind of tight burning pain with occasional sharpness. It becomes more noticeable when I take a deep breath. I went to the doctor, and they said it was most likely irritation in my lung from coughing so much, but I don't know.

Blood pressure, oxygen, temperature, and chest x-ray were all normal.

It's making me nervous because the meds aren't really doing anything or helping with the pain, so it's making me think it's something else.

I would love some input.

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Hi Faustian.

Sorry you have succumbed to the horrible chest cold. It’ seems to have been a bad year for it . 😏

If it is of any consolation, I am still recovering from a chest infection, sinusitis and laryngitis. And an aggravation of asthma due to this. I have had it for 9 weeks - it appeared to be getting better with antibiotics, until it came back, and the asthma continued to became aggravated by it. I repeatedly requested a dose of steroids to help with inflammation and was repeatedly refused. I was told ‘anxiety’ was causing my asthma to be worse!! It was when I went back to a different GP who checked out chest and could hear something wasn’t quite right was I prescribed steroids right away and more antibiotics. I too complained of a pain under my armpit and the same uncomfortable feeling when breathing. He said it was perhaps ‘pleurisy’ or, from ‘coughing too much’ also. That said, there might be a trace of the cold still lingering? The second lot of antibiotics and steroids seem to have done a better job for me. (I had a chest X-ray too and nothing to show. ECG because it was painful on the left side. All ok). An already compromised immune system doesn’t help the cause, obviously.😌

Were you prescribed anything at the time? Did they listen to your chest again? If you feel something is still amiss, go back and ask for another opinion.

Sorry to ramble. I thought perhaps it might make you feel reassured that there are others with similar and getting better- all be it over a 9 week period!



same problem here.I don't know wht hppnd with me last week, that above my rright chest is paining...the pain iss like something sharpning something hurting me form inside and when I push my skin it hurts also but I didn't go to my doctor...😫😫.its really cold outside so I decide to go late.first three days it was painful so much I couldn't even sleep my right side.but now its tolerable...but I want suggestion... I wanted to post also but I didn't understand wht to write??is it just normal??don't know......even before its about thrre four years ago I used to have this problem.that time doctor usually prescribed me its just for cough that is in ur its from cold.I m really confused.and I ma taking 4mg much u r taking?

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Hi Faustian, poor you! Sound like you may have a tad of pleurisy hanging around after your chest cold.. which I've had a few times too :(


I am going through the same exact thing right now as I type this to you! It is Day 3 for me and its still here and so annoying!!!! I have no idea what it could be. I know I can go up to the ER here in my town But I hate the time it takes to be there and its not "knocking me out" to the point I cant do anything. I have it exactly above my right breast and goes into my armpit. Last night it was shooting across my chest half way and I got a bit concerned. But that has stopped. It comes and goes about every 3=4 minutes. Could it be in the top part of the lung? What did your Doctor tell you exactly when you went?


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