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Well that was christmas

Glad that's Christmas pretty much finished on the run up Mrs farmer fester managed to

Catch the flu and was pretty much stuck in bed so yours truly had to rise to the occasion and look after her the dogs and two cats not easy when fully fit , we got through Christmas day very quietly with no drama,s Mrs f getting up to watch some telly in th evening .

Boxing day she was feeling better and got up to organise things we had son and a cousin coming in the afternoon and staying for dinner from her chair she told me what to do and when but I had been there before so did every thing my way we had a very nice meal I had a very rare glass of wine and a relaxing evening after the visitors had left .nice long lie this morning completely knackerd and will be for a few days know now what it's like to look after me .

Season greeting everyone .

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Well done - wish my Mr PMRpro could do as well. In the same situation he'd just ring the hotel or the pizzeria and fetch a takewaway! Mind you - so would I :-) ;-)


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