Our wedding day finally it was a very emotional sentimental ceremony

Our wedding day finally it was a very emotional sentimental ceremony

So if you're planning everything about this wedding all the way down to every detail of what everyone wants everything got turned around the wedding got pushed back till 6 p.m. it wasn't for there was a crazy thunderstorm and at the end nothing was hurt at all but that is what made it so sweet everything just came from the heart because there was no time and it made the ceremony so much more real and beautiful all the groomsmen were crying the ladies did not get to see the ceremony because we had to change location everything so they were on the other side of me and all the way across the hall but we have very beautiful pictures of the ceremony and that just made it that much more sweet that only a very few people actually got to see us get married but our dance our little daughter scrambled to get down just so she can get to the floor and dance with Mommy and Daddy on their first dance because all this love is all surrounded by her she is the center of our universe so I can now announce myself as mrs. Sarah Leigh Farley

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  • Congratulations ! May your married life together be blessed




  • Congratulations to you both, wishing you health and happiness.

  • Congratulations, you look stunning. So glad to hear that it all came together for you. All the best for the future. X

  • Congratulations, may you have a long and very happy life together.

    It's so lovely to see some joy and happiness amongst the difficulties we face with our health. Beautiful photos.

    All the best

    Diane :) xx

  • Congratulations 💖 💖 xx

  • Congratulations! Wishing you both every happiness. Beautiful photos - so lovely to see something cheerful x

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