Blood test results

Hi, hoping that someone can advise.

I have just returned from an urgent appointment with my GP as my potassium results from blood taken earlier today were extremely high (8). They re-ran the test but the result was the same. I was whizzed in for an ECG which is normal and the rest of my bloods are normal - has this happened to anyone else? Normally I would assume this to be a rogue result however I have flared badly following a recent tetanus jab so the possibility of kidney damage has greater resonance just now. I have to repeat the bloods at 8.30 tomorrow. Has anyone else experienced high potassium with other U's & E's ok?

Thanks for reading. Clare x


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9 Replies

  • Hi Clareb67,

    I am a bit confused as no one with a potassium of 8 should be left without treatment to lower it, especially when they don't know the cause. They must think it's an erroneous result.

    Potassium by itself is not a good measure of kidney function, creatinine and eGFR are the results to look for. Potassium levels can be affected by meds, dehydration, trauma etc. Did they dipstick your urine as that provides quite a bit of information about kidney function?

  • Hi Keyes and thank you for your reply. I think we're all hoping that it's a one off but the high fever of last weekend and subsequent joint swellings etc has made them cautious. They didn't dipstick my urine but, funnily enough, I did notice earlier today that I wasn't weeing as much as usual - I put it down to hormones! I believe my creatinine is ok.

    Fingers crossed for a better result tomorrow. Thanks again. Clare

  • Hi Clare, you haven't by any chance being on a reducing steroid dose? Because this can happen when you get down to a low dose but your body has stopped producing its own cortisol, I posted about this earlier 'failed synacthen test'. Hope you get sorted.

  • Hi Bronagh. Actually yes, I have been reducing my prednisolone since last summer and my body is really protesting about the current 6mg daily quota. I don't plan to reduce further for a while - or even longer. I shall read up on your post about the synacthen test

    Thanks for replying. Clare

  • Hi just wondered if you were asked to have tetanus jab. My Dr said they won't do them routinely anymore, only if necessary eg injury or travel to certain areas. Hope u feel better soon x

  • Hi Tashi

    I had quite a deep puncture wound to my foot so tetanus was recommended. My previous one was 20 years ago!

  • Poor thing, you are going thru the mill. Do take care, thinking of you x

  • Clare I don't know enough about potassium levels so no suggestions at all from me but I really hope the level has normalised in the morning and this is nothing to worry about unduly. As others have said you've been through the mill enough lately. Txx

  • Hi Twitchy and thank you. I did the repeat blood yesterday morning and assumed the result would be normal but, although it has come down , it's still much too high at 6.7. They're not sure why it has suddenly hiked and why the other kidney functions tests have remained normal but as every single member of the GP practice knows all about me just now, it seems to be potentially serious.

    I'm due for yet another blood test this morning and very much hoping that it will have come down a bit more or I'll probably be admitted over the weekend. The timing is way off as we are flying to Turkey next week . . .

    Anyway, everything crossed for a period of calm now. Thanks again. Hope you are bearing up as the steroids come down? Spk soon. Clare xx

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