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What Holidays are for 😶

I am not here today to complain about anything, just to pass on what I did this past week, because I know everyone wants to know, lol.

About five months ago, one of my sisters (I am one of 10 children, 8 girls, 2 boys), was trying to put a siblings trip together. She is always going to Mexico so that would be the destination. I was very hesitant to sign up and stalled for a few months. Of course they all understand my illness (well I should say 'are aware of', as I don't think they really understand), and all were encouraging me with promises of extra care. Not wanting to miss what I knew would be fun I did eventually agree to go. In the past, I have always ended up with Montezuma's Revenge when traveling in Mexico. Have not been back for 7 years, so this time I took precautions. Took Dukoral before going, which is suppose to prevent that problem. I looked it up online to make sure it was what I thought, and it did say that it was recommended for people with Lupus, but in fine print at bottom it also said not always as effective with Lupus. Took it and hoped for the best. I still followed safety precautions - no raw veggies, only bottled water, no ice, only fruit you peel yourself, etc.. The food was great, service wonderful, loved being with my siblings, only 7 of us could go, 5 of my sisters and one brother. We all get along very well so it was very nice to be together. Within 24 hours, about 10 minutes after I had just finished the best seafood linguini ever, I found out that my Dukoral was not working. Well that was it, I spent the next 3 days in my room. The diarrhea eased up but I was 😴, I went to breakfast with siblings ate poached eggs with toast, then went to bed and slept until someone came looking for me for lunch. I slept all day and all night ( was a very comfy bed). The Imodium was working after about 24 hours but I was still sleeping away most of the days and not hungry. I did have a wonderful visit with siblings, did get a lot of rest, and came home wanting to go back - so, a good holiday I guess, right? I think the heat and the sun just knocked me out. Got home last night and had another good nights sleep.

Second part: not holiday!

I have been having a lot of trouble with right hand and Carpal Tunnel. Before going on holiday I had been to neurologist to have testing on nerves. She recommended surgery. I have follow up with GP tomorrow at which time she will tell me same thing Neurologist told me. I have an appointment with my Rheumatologist Nov 29th which was booked few months back. I wanted to talk to her about my legs, thighs get very sore going up stairs and my ankles have tripped me up more than a few times recently.

My hand and wrist are feeling much better than they were a few weeks back. Now I don't know if it was just a flareup in carpal tunnel and maybe don't need surgery, so I will ask Rheumi what she thinks. Has anyone been through this and had surgery with good results. Neurologist said could be 12 week recovery because of age (63).

Well I have used up a lot of space here so will sign off, hope everyone has a good day, take care

Chapter 🌹

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Next time you go to Mexico take a food parcel with you!


Just a thought - if someone your age told me they had carpal tunnel symptoms, their thighs hurt going up stairs and they were tripping over their feet I'd wonder if they had polymyalgia rheumatica (my home forum). Worth asking the rheumi if she thinks it could be a possibility.

Glad you enjoyed your holiday despite all the add-ons - are you sure you only drank bottled water? Did you drink coffee or tea? I'm in Malta at present where the water is safe to drink, especially boiled, but it tastes and the receptionist said that it upsets some people. I had tea in the morning, the taste didn't bother me but my husband didn't like it - and in the afternoon I had a brief but emphatic brush with Montezuma's revenge! Since then, only bottled water - no more problems.

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I did drink coffe in the mornings, PMRpro. The hotel was very nice and clean, makes you feel safe but I guess I wasn't careful enough.

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I live in Europe - where all tap water is safe unless labelled as not - but I still find "something in the water" can have unpleasant effects, sometimes worse than others! Has happened in the UK too.



Reading your post and loving that you had a holiday with your siblings. How lovely!!!!

I have found that I am increaisngly getting reactions to shell fish.

As well as lupus, I have allergies - pet dander, house dust and grass pollen have been tested for and were positive. But I am increasingly intolerant of alcohol and shell fish.

I have had to give up alcohol, due to a new medication, so that problem is gone. But I love sea food and shell fish and am finding that after a night out at a resturant I can still be up all night on the loo - evetually getting off to a deep sleep around 4/5 am and then the next day is spent in bed receovering! I think I am "intolerant" of shell fish.

Maybe it was the linguini?

I am gutted as I LOVE shell fish and when going out, will eat it for starter and main. But the fear of having a bad tummy whilst still out, is making me think twice now.

I hope you get some answers re your aches and pains too. I have had mild tendonitis and it's very hard to live with day after day.

Best wishes

Wendy x


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