Hi fellow Lupies out there! How do you feel about going abroad now you have Lupus. As a family we always spent half term in the UK - mostly at Centre Parcs and in June or later in the year abroad. However, since my Lupus has been confirmed just over 12 months ago and because of the Cellcept or MMF medication. (it states to keep out of the sun). I am very frightened of going abroad 1) if you have to stay out of the sun from 11 to 3pm that's quite a lot of time out of your holiday 2) Petrified of getting skin cancer - even though the Dr prescribed me with suncream 60 3) I always cover up in the sun anyway so that wouldn't be a problem. But i am very scared of taking ill or having a flare whilst abroad incase the hospitals do not know how to treat this.

Do any one you still holiday abroad and what precautions do you take?

Thanks in advance, Lulabelle x

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I regularly go to Spain (and also went to Vegas for a week), I avoid the really hot months. I wear sun factor 60, have a large floppy hat and lots of floaty cover-ups which I float around in. I was never much of a sun lover anywhy and am happy reading a book in the shade, just being warm is enough for me. I do love being in water, sea or pool so I normally wear factor 60 and apply it all over before I get dressed to go out in the morning- that way you will never miss any bits. Drink plenty of water and of course relax and enjoy yourself. Travel insurance is a must I have a yearly family plan with Tesco, I was above board in declaring my condition, and the premium was quite high the first year, but has dramtically reduced in subsequent years.



lupus uk do a european book of translation so if you get ill abroad you can explain things.

i traveled to newzealand and malaysia for a whole month on immunosurpressants had to arrange to get my bloods done out there got aproval from my consultant and a treatment back up plan if i had a small flare was extra steroids to take. did have a flare when i dot back to much traveling but glad i gave it a go.

gp also gave me antibiotics incase i got an infection while abroad.

chat to your consultant. i stick to long floaty grarments & floppy hats also it cheaper low season not so sunny either. its not impossible, i had to get a letter from my consultant saying i was fit to travel but the insurance company were fine.

think about meds, certain pain killers need a letter of confirmation if you travel abroad with them.

so drs abroad are more aware than uk ones on lupus. just get good insurance.

good luck its trying to find the balance of living with this awful disease, but i mean living rather than just exsisting which is what it can do to us sometimes.


I have been all over the world,just stay under cover from the suns Glare go off season,and take the advice from the above.

Have fun xx


You can get suncream on prescription! Really? That would save me a fortune the amount of high factor I go through. Is it just generic unbranded or can you be specific? I have a certain one which I use on my face which doesn't make me go spotty or shiny - I guess I couldn't specify that one?

And I bet they don't go for the all-day apply once stuff or clear spray either!



Hi Jennie,

sorry that I am just responding to your post, it's been one of those weeks! Yes just to inform you that because of all the medications that I take for Lupus and Sjogren's Syndrome, (even though I worked full time). I was advised by my hospital to complete a medical exemption form which can be found on the DWP website. This is a medical exemption certificate which has to be signed by your GP. This means that for the next 5 yrs - this can be renewed after this period - that any medications that I take are free of charge. This also includes my Suncream - which is only available on prescription called Uvistat. My GP has previously informed me that if I cannot tolerate this then there are others that can be prescribed. Having the medical exemption certificate is a hugh help as I have now had to reduce my hr's to 3 days per week!

Hope this helps!


I went to Jamaica in June to July when it was very hot but I use factor 50 sunblock and I wear a big hat and floaty summer dresses. I have also been to Mexico, Cyprus and Tunisia when it was very hot but I just cover up at all times. I cannot fly abroad now because the lupus has damaged my lungs and I have to have extra steriods if I should fly. I am also always ill in the plane especially when I stand up. If I want to go abroad now I travel by sea.


yeh you can get sunblock on prescription brands do vary i get sunsence daily and daily face and there not greasy saves me a fourtune


most impressed to hear about sunblock on prescription......never been mentioned, just goes to show doesn't it !!

As for going abroad regularly go to spain, but went Florida last year, few problems but turned out ok.

I say being sensible , as above but well worth it! so good luck


Thanks for your posts - I feel a little bit more upbeat now - maybe not this year, but my family and I are seriously considering a holiday abroad next year - nothing too exotic, but abroad!


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