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Sca 10 ataxia sufferer ,. Has anyone tried stem.cell treatment?

Hi im posting this on behalf of my fiancé , he has sca 10 recessive ataxia, we've been looking abroad or at hospatials specialising in it has anyone had stem cell treatment for ataxia ? Has it worked? Improved there life? Also another avenue is canibis oil has anyone tried this ? Please your experience would be so beneficial we are frm Ireland and there are only 4 people here with ataxia (4 inc my fiancé) we've been given no answers very little help but I will mention to u all he's been proscribed coq10 and it has improved his energy dramatically 200-300mg per day

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Hi Fedupfiona,

I'm afraid I don't know very much about ataxia or the treatment options. You may wish to contact Ataxia UK for help with your questions - ataxia.org.uk/

They also have a HealthUnlocked community at healthunlocked.com/ataxia-uk


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