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Has anyone tried a powerplate machine?

I am desperate to lose weight, but feel exhausted all the time. My feet hurt and my hands keep getting swollen. I can't face going to a gym. I heard that powerplate machines are good, but not sure if there is any truth in that and whether they are suitable for lupus suffers. If anyone has tried one, I'd love to hear whether it was any good. Also, is it safe? Thank you x

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Hi I've tried one at my gym had a few sessions and although its tough it is good feels like your teeth are dropping out though with all the shaking. I also have hips replacements and they seem fine. I would say tho if your going to use a power plate no need to continue in the gym it's more than enough exercise. I didn't realise then did my normal session, big mistake I was for days. Now I just do short bursts on the plate or my gym session. It is fun though. Good luck.


I am about to do the power plate and asked the Doc he said its O/K but use the lower and build it up,I am starting Feb 1st.and going twice a week.X


I would be very carefull,they can be very good but quite vigorous,if you hurt already then i wouldnt think this could help?i know how sore i am and the thought of standing on a power plate makes me cringe.take care


If you want to lose weight join Slimming World. I have lost 7 stone in just over 2 years with them. I have Lupus sle plus Lumber Spondolosis and other problems with my spine and Arthritis so I can do very little exercise but with the Slimming World plan you don't need to do a lot of exercise.

I would never have lost weight without the support you get. I have gone from a size 28 in clothes to a size 12


hello.. i love the power plate.. i understand how you feel about going to the gym.. but i would go down to your local council run gym.. you have to have an induction, so let the person know that you will not be using much more than the power plate.

try it a few times.. the teeth banging thing is down to being in the wrong position. but it suits some people and really doesnt suit others.

it is great for massage too, i have v bad back and neck problems and the pp has been a great help.

then if you like it, i would purchase one, amazon have them.. and some of them can slide under your bed.

good luck.. and i hope you like it!


I don't wish to sound contradictory or alarmist and well done you for wanting to exercise and lose weight but I've long been aware massages are not good for those with SLE, especially when it's active, and one would assume power plates are even worse as they involve the entire body. The reason is massage apparently dislodges the strings of rogue proteins that cause us pain and inflammation. One dislodged they will eventually make their way to the kidneys, which can then become blocked and cause nephritis (which is the last thing you want)! I remember reading this in a book about SLE I bought from Lupus UK. Can't recall which one as I bought several but will see if there's a web link. Be careful!


Can't immediately find quote from the book and don't have to time to keep searching now but there is in fact plenty on the web about not having massages when in flare. I also found this one quote re. lupus and power plates: " In case of inflammatory arthritis, training on a Power Plate should be avoided in case of a flare up, since the vibration can cause an increase in circulation and temperature in an area that is already hot and inflamed." It was taken from this article, last para: Hope that helps. Shame as power plates otherwise sound really good and I wouldn't have minded a go myself.


Thanks everyone. Think I'll try something bit less intensive. I keep getting in a cycle of flair ups because I overdo it on good days. I wanted to use the powerplate as it was on offer. I find gyms too overwhelming as im sooo out of shape and dont feel confident. I did go to a class a while back and struggled. It was embarrassing as some people were in their seventies and I'm late thirties. I find it hard to walk much as my feet hurt. Also Didn't realise

that massage could be

harmful ! Thanks xx


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