My partner has lupus but trying to conceive

My partner was diagnosed.with lupus in 2009 and has being in hospital twice once with brain damage.and the.second time with kidney and brain damage his skin has flared up last year but has.calmed down he came.out on april 2013 we have been together for 3 years and we have being having unprotected sex for the last 1 and half years but haven't being conceiving its.what.we.both want but the doctor wait for 2 years and I was wondering.if.anybody.has.being in this situation or is thanks

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  • No darling I haven't but I wish you well and happiness. Maryx

  • Thanks he's got an appointment with the doctor on the 21st so going see about taken off his med for a bit and trying ivf hopefully something will work were both so desperate I'd love to adopt but with us not both working and with my partner having a illness suppose they wouldn't accept even though we're both so great with kid's it just upsets me

  • Please firstly check your partner is not on methotrexate - that may make him infertile or, if not infertile then damage sperm. If he's not, then keep trying and try to enjoy! Stress is no good for conceiving. Also, you could ask GP to refer to your local fertility clinic where they can give conception advice and possibly help. Good luck!

  • Hi,

    What treatment is your partner on? Some treatments need to be stopped for quite a long time before trying to conceive because they can cause deformities to the foetus, often resulting in miscarriage. Please ensure you seek advise with a doctor.

  • He's on prenisolone and microphenolate what is a chemotherapy but in a tablet form

  • Mycophenolate does need to be stopped several months before conception so as not to affect the foetus.

  • And some other but they got funny names lol

  • Yeah he's got an appointment tommorow with his specialist

  • ive just looked at his meds and hes on methotrexate and his specalist says they cant take him off his meds till march 2015

  • Methotrexate is another drug which can cause foetal abnormalities. Sometimes it is possible for a consultant to reduce the dose and bring somebody off it if their lupus is under control. There are a couple of treatments that can be taken whilst trying to conceive that are safe. Please ensure that any change to the treatment regime is done under supervision from the consultant.

  • Yeah his specialist said his lupus is under control and they are.going to take him off his medication for 6 months and freeze his sperm and put him back on his tablets

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