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Awake all night & need to vent ... sorry!!

Ah the ignorance of society!!!!

As one who has never had the pleasure of fitting into that box labelled "normal" & am findingthe recent increase of hate towards sick & disabled a bitter pill to swallow indeed so imagine if you will my FURY yesterday, after my son helping my into the bathroom after Ive taken my pain meds, where as usual hes already set up the shower board & hot shower running for me to soak away a bit more pain... this is. 7am

After lying on the bed kinda wrapped in towels cos it takes too much out of me to physically dry myself after that I call the unisex salon cos my sons hair desperatlyneeded cutting 2weeks ago but can I have a late afternoon appointment as there is much prep I need to do before I can contemplate leaving the house. The morning is taken up with slowly dressing with help then down to the sofafeeling ill cos I still havent been able to face food, need more pain meds but need to eat first so I struggle to my feet & painfully shuffle a few steps.

My son bless him, orders me to sit down - he will make lunch.

He returned with more coffee, then scrambled egg on toast and dessert (PAIN MEDS!!) & I once again feel guilty that his childhood is being wasted looking after me, cooking & cleaning should be what I do for HIM.

3:30 we have to leave to go for his haircut in town & joy of joys theres a disabled bay vacant in the carpark opposite and its the one closest - all I have to do is get out of the car & cross the road, the girls know me and are used to guiding me to a seat once Im in there.

Im smiling with genuine happiness at my good fortune for the first time since I dont know when, park up set out blue badge & clock.

Vanity consumes me, my sons with me, the girls are waiting across the road - I leave my crutches in the car as my hands are paining me awful. I use the car to help me mamoever and thats when my hyper hearing ears pick it up.

The woman passing turns to her grown up kids & says "Oh yeah, because shes really disabled. She should try losing weight, she obese not disabled."

No, I did not lower my voice when I turned to my son & said that the ignorance of the able bodies makes my blood boil, not everybody born disabled is confined to a WHEELCHAIR."


SO annoyed. I think with all the benefit changed & sick/disabled being forced off benefits the attitude in society is getting so much more hateful its actually scarey!!

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i totally agree with you, I need to use a disabled space at times, but when i'm able to walk a bit further I always leave the space for those worse off than me. But I've often experienced 'looks' from people who know no better. Sadly many people in our society remain ignorant and totally thoughtless, aside from being downright rude!!!

I'm sure the comments were hurtful and extremely annoying, and certainly not nice for your son, who sounds like a tower of strength.

Well done too for making such an effort to take your son for his hair cut, you are an inspiration when i think how much effort it took you to take your son out.

Take care


A simular thing happened to me. I was on high dose steroids after i had had the most awful flare. Myself and my daughter parked in a disabled bay outside a supermarket. Because of the steroids i was on, i got out of the car and walked to the supermarket with ease.

A woman stopped me on the way and began querying my blue badge. After giving her what for and telling her what was wrong with me and why i had a blue badge. All she could say was, "well my mums ninety". Some people!


Agree and find it totally depressing


How dreadful, what business is it of other people and what sort of "disability police" do they think they are? People do not realise what one has to go through or be suffering from to be entitled to get a disabled blue badge! Most of them think you have to have a visible disability. Unfortunately it is not unknown for relatives of the disabled to "borrow" a badge to go shopping, especially the very elderly who have no knowledge of the fact that it is being used in this way. If only the relatives knew it can be withdrawn if abused in this way. That is sometimes what gives the genuinely disabled person problems over parking. A younger friend who had a non-visible disability was so fed up with it being commented about when parking, he had small laminated card listing the reasons for his badge eligibility which he would put next to the blue badge in the windscreen. He would point this out to anyone who challenged him, tell them to read it, ask them if they would like his problems, then go about his business! Mostly they were left speechless, but it sounds like your lady was so ignorant she probably could not read! Hope you are having a better day today.


Perhaps a card by the blue badge ..saying: "If you want my parking space YOU ARE WELCOME to my disability too!"

Well, lupies plough on ..regardless. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!


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