Knock, there any brain there ?

I've read a few blogs on here about brain fog and even though I could relate to some things I never for a minute I could have it ,not so sure now.yesterday was going to supermarket and my door wouldn't lock I tried everything any way I gave up took a chance went anyway(only 5mins away).When my son came home I told him door not locking so he tried and it have to lift handle up then lock it,well I know that done it god only knows how many times so how could I have forgotten x

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  • Bless you I totally understand sometimes the knowledge of how to do something you have done 100s of times just goes very frustrated. You are not alone you just feel an idiot but you are not. Just shrug it off and laugh as long as its your door you are trying to open. Take care. X

  • Welcome to our world.(i think that's a name of a song) it goes on (wont you come inside)

    and i am sorry to say it will come in any way.

    You have to laugh at these things.

    I was in a shop with automatic doors and i was trying to get out using my car keys.Bless.

    Love & Sunshine


  • Ditto, had to ask my partner how to turn the TV on the other day! We've owned this TV for 4 years and I could not for the life of me remember how to turn it on. Hey ho, like Jan says you have to laugh at these things when they happen.


    p.s. couldn't find the word for kettle the other day, so told my partner their keys were by the 'teamaker' - bizarre isn't it!

  • Last year, I saved my spoons and was going to the hairdresser! No big deal for a "normal" but as I dont leave the house really big deal for me! Anyway, I had written a list of thing to do, purse, phone, keys, lock the door, all simple things, I was that anxious about remembering to lock the door, and I did remember to do it! Yey!!! Problem was I was still inside the house!!!! :( It didnt stop there, when I got to the hairdressers, my appt wasn't till the following day!!!! :( Oh the life of a lupie!!!!! x

  • same here I forget the name of things luckily my husband works away so its not to embarrassing. but my kids think its funny and a game so we just laugh. keep laughing as they say laughter is the best medicine x

  • I am just gratefull it is not just Me, I have been like it for years and my daughter said I was starting with Altzimers, when I went to my Lupus Dr. he started laughing and asked if my family had ever read any of the Lupus books. Well I Had but it said nothing about 'brain fog' just Brain involvement - not quite the basic as we know it. We really Must Train our Rheumys!xx

  • Can't stop at rhuemy training there's a lot of people out there need trading x

  • Training x

  • Think you might be right with the first spelling!!!

  • Yes lolx

  • Oh I do laugh at myself it's better thancrying.I've worked for/with my boss for years on and off and one day I was scraping food of plates(work in a pub)and then put plates and cutlery in bin too,she was pissing herself laughing.They call me dizzy at work now because of the little things I do or don't do,well I just thought it was normal but now thinking this brain fog has crept in slowly while I wasn't looking but I will always laugh it off x

  • I thot I had totally lost it yesterday. Delivered an order to a friend but I got confused and felt I lost one of d products. I was so tensed ended up confusing my friend and getting so upset. I got home and had to cross check d receipt many time before I found out dat I didn't loose anything. I could not laugh about it I wept cos am finding it hard to articulate things. I am glad to know am not alone. I will try to learn to laugh it off.


  • I used to angry at work when they laughed at me but stopped for a minute and thought if that was them I'd laugh and I have a motto if you can't laugh at yourself don't laugh at others x

  • Interesting experiences which I can identify with. Brain fog does creep up on you. I find if my day is less busy an d less stressful, I am able to concentrate better, recall things easier and articulate conversations better. Does anyone else have that experience?

  • Its the word finding for me I get so frustrated. Definitely worse if really fatigued too. Yes memory ridiculous, telephone, pin numbers dates etc. Does anyone else suffer with writing down wrong date/time even with the correct information in front of you. For exampl always get hosp date mixed up. In my quest to remember i copy (not) the date down from letter to diary wrongly. How is that possible? Experiences please xxx

  • I get that too never thought it was brain fog and my words get muddled up when putting a sentence together.I also have a sort of stammer/stutter thing going on ?

  • I had an appointment 30 miles away and found myself sitting in a carpark 40 miles away wondering why I was there, was there 30 min after my appointment time when I got a call asking if I was ok, my reply was I am now you have told have told me where I am supposed to be I use my sat nav everywhere now even to my daughters except I put her old address in a while back and headed south on the A1 past her new house. Shame petrol not so cheap anymore lol xx

  • Sounds like a comedy sketch! lol

  • My challenge is my brain does not always corporate with my speech or written work, so I have to concentrate harder at times. I will be thinking " for people the property prospects are not looking very bright" but I will write "for people the people propertyare not looking very bright" or "for property the people property." Not the best example but hey... Same thing happens in dialogue - I will say something really random which does not connect with the conversation or lose my train of thought mid way through a sentence. It's all worst when I am under pressure but I try to manage it by stepping back and taking my time or waiting to do something when I feel less stressed or my mind is clearer. So for dates and stuff like that, I always double check when my mind seems less fuzzy and check them another day. Anything similar or tips anyone...?

  • I'm constantly checking double checking appointments and I practically work same hours every week and last wed still went wrong time x

  • I try and write everything down and just laugh off things I say. Its too bad on folks who don't know me or understand me, I don't wa t pity and if they think I am stupid then that's their loss cause I am who/what I am xx

  • Hear,hear me too luppysue x

  • Glad to know I'm not on my own just wish my family would read some of these posts

  • Never on your own x

  • Before I knew about "Brain Fog" with Lupus I thought I was going mad! I couldn't remember family members names at times but could at others, frequently forget the names of household items and say "you know -the thingy" and missing appointments, arriving 24 hours late for hospital appointments, forgetting a doctors appointment that I've made just an hour before & feeling quite confused about how to do basic functions!

    I've even accused my local shop of not putting all my shopping in the bag as something was missing and a week later asked them to check their video tape to prove it, only to find a few days later that I had placed the 2 plastic baskets that I'd bought in the fridge!?? That wouldn't have been so bad if I'd bought other fridge items but I hadn't, it was a pound stretcher store, so no fridge food in there!

    My very supportive friends and family are used to it now and just laugh and make a joke of it - which I can laugh with them as I have accepted it as being normal for me. I used to feel stupid, confused and upset but now I don't, although sometimes feel frustrated with myself!

    If I'm having a bad foggy day then there is no point trying to read a book as I wont remember anything I've read, its best left for when my brain feels a bit clearer, it absorbs better then and I don't have to re-read a page several times! Lol xxx

  • It is so reassuring to know lots of fellow Lupies have brain fog ! I have had lupus for 19 years and my concentration has gradually deteriorated over the years.I have difficulty finding words , remembering names and pin numbers and also problems with locking my front door ! I have put my purse in the fridge , sprayed my hair with athlete's foot spray ,thought my car was stolen when i couldn't remember where i parked it and turned up at the dentist a month before my appointment ! I honestly thought i had pre senile dementia. I am going to try ginko biloba to see if that can improve my brain function but i think laughter is probably the best medicine !

  • Totally agree laughter is best medicine x

  • Laughter is the best!!! The worse was i went to son's parent consultation with teacher all the way there I was organising my brain about what needed to be discussed, got there and couldn't remember where the classroom was and had to ask the teacher what nouns were, he just looked at me as if to say she's no help to her son!!!!! I wouldn't mind I'm always the one pushing education and helping the kids with their homework..... not much help when your mind goes blank. Must say the kids have a good laugh with all the wrong things i say, they have so many standing jokes now .

  • Lol it's good your kids have a sense of humour like ie you x

  • Oh My God, I love you lot I know this might sound mad but, I have recently been told I have lupus a few months ago I arrived at work to say I can't tie my scarf my boss laughed but deep down I was distressed as something I did everytime I put my coat on with out thinking about I could not wrap my scarf this morning just looking at it Idid laugh but deep down I was upset as I did not know what to do x

  • I used to get angry at work when they took the piss out of me but what's the point it takes more energy to be angry and less wrinkles to laugh and it always helps to make jokes about yourself before anybody else doesx

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