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Surprise biopsy!


So I had the dermatologist again today, with my ongoing rash.

We discussed my positive ANA and that I'm seeing the rheumatologist tomorrow.

She said she wanted to do an urgent skin biopsy and told me they'd ring this afternoon regarding an appointment next week.

I left and went for some shopping and as I came back to the car, I got a call saying they'd had a cancellation for half an hour's time!!

So back down to the hospital (thankfully I was still in the vicinity) and boom! Biopsy done!

So hopefully this might help in a diagnosis (or not).

I now have stitches to look after and another scar to add to my collection 😳

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Skin biopsy may help for diagnose along with other tests. I had skin biopsy and was diagnosed for Dermatomysitis. DM has rash on face that similar to lupus.

Best wishes!

Totally demoralised after seeing the rheumatologist today 😢

He told me I don't have a connective tissue disorder and that my skin rash is a "dermatology problem".

He also told me that I'm depressed and I have 'chronic pain syndrome' and that each is exacerbating the other.

He gave me a letter telling my GP to prescribe antidepressants and to refer me to the pain management service for support - likely in the form of a group!

He also recommended CBT for my 'depression'! 😡

He asked for more bloods - Hep C, Vitamin D and a Coombs test. He said he's quite sure the Coombs test will be negative though. He mentioned it and said "It's another Lupus test - you can look it up".

I left in tears.

As he passed me after he handed my blood form to the HCA taking my blood, he smirked (or maybe it was wind 😂) and said "Cheerio"!

I kid you not!

I'm so angry, upset and frustrated!

All I can do now is wait for the biopsy result and see if my GP will re-refer me to a different rheumatologist.

I've never been made to feel so bad in all my days!

Hubby was with me and said he didn't like his manner either 😢

LottieD in reply to kazmac45

I have a feeling you may have met this rheumy at Salford there possibly can't be two so rude and arrogant. If it was the same man, he told ' us ' by which he meant fibromyalgia sufferers should get back to work as we are costing thousands. I can only suggest you do as we did and put in a complaint to pals. The more people that put in a complaint then something may get done to stop this bullying. I thought these people are supposed to be in a caring profession unfortunately I feel that the pound signs sometimes get in the way. I am so sorry you have been treated this way as I well know this is very hard to get over. Don't let this person put you down carry on fighting . There are people out there that do care. Good luck xx LottieD

kazmac45 in reply to LottieD

Not Salford, Lottie, so I fear there's more than one! 🙁

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