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GASP! I got a follow on appt when they said I would!

After much fuss earlier this year when my new GP was exasperated on finding I hadn't been seen by a rheumy for about 15 months, I did get an expedited appt. I was told then I'd be seen again in August, and enquired politely whether that would actually happen because the appts system seemed a little haphazard. I was told firmly it would ( there was a manager in the room so I think they are trying to improve).

Yayy, appt for August in the post today. They seem to have remembered I'm in a research group as well. This will be my chance to shout more about the Secondary Raynaud's. I've heard their Raynaud's Clinic is excellent.

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Yay LK!!! Onwards and upwards for you at last - or so I'm very much hoping 🀞🏽🀞🏽🀞🏽😘


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