Got my appt in Leeds, yay I think

My local hospital can not keep consultants for love or money, I am supposed to be seen every 6 months but it's more like annually and my last appt I was in and out in 6 mins, despite not seeing a consultant for 18 months as I was under specialist nurse.

So I asked for a referral to Leeds, going to Dr Binghams clinic. I am UDCTD at mo, but I think it's going towards Lupus, I have lung damage , I am on Azathroprine.

Does anyone see this Dr? Any good? Do u think my first appt here be a fresh start? Or do u think they will have sent for my file?

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Hi, they will probably have seen your file I think. I paid for a private consultation, my gp suggested it, and he had my notes there. Gp apologised as he thought it would be fresh start, no preconceived thoughts, but it wasn't. I went to methley hospital and notes were from Sheffield. Hope its different for you or they listen to you not just read up . i dont know anything about that doctor, sorry but good luck


Thank for that, I was hoping I would be seen with fresh eyes, never mind. I hope they don't hold it against me the fact that I wanted to move hospitals, but I have read that Leeds is a centre of exellance for Auto immune disease and my local hostipal can't keep staff.


I've been going to Leeds for 7 years after my local hospital left me to rot. They are really good and Dr Bingham is lovely. I'm under Prof Emery who is a leading light in Lupus but they all work together. Waiting times can be hit and miss, I'm supposed to go every 3 months but it can sometimes be 6 months. They didn't have my file from my last hospital and started from scratch so I had a fresh start which seems to be their policy as this also happened with a friend of mine last year. Good luck!


Maxwell monkey that sounds really positive, thank you


You're welcome! I was there on Tuesday for a check up and was given steroid injections in my shoulders as I haven't been able to lift my arms up for weeks - they try and do what they can test/treatment wise there and then so you don't have to wait weeks for an appointment. The NHS at it's best!

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