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Thought i typed and sent my update yesterday but unfortunately it didn't send. So yesterday i struggled to get out of bed. Draged myself up and got ready. I emptied my bowels when i was getting ready hoping that my next toilet break will be when i get to the hospital so i can get a urine sample. I had a thought to get an extra slippers just incase my leg gets swollen.

I got to d hospital and i needed to go and my mum wanted to go to. So i asked her to go cos i thought the 2nd toilet was empty. Unfortunately it was not empty and my mum decided to take her time, hoping i was in the other toilet. I waited and was basically dancing asking my mum to come out cos i was busting. Before she could open the door i had done it on myself. I was wearing a white trouser in an open ward with male and female patients. It was alot of wee, i was soaked right down to my shoes. I called the nurse and told her i had an accident.

I got into the toilet and got cleaned up. The nurses where good enough to get me hospital trousers. I had my bloods done and waited for an hour and half b4 my infusion.

So Dr said my blood count was low again, they will test my wee and keep an eye on my leg. I am exhausted so i have been in bed. I am on water tablet so sometimes when i need to go, i must go. I had an accident friday last week but d good bit about this incident was that i got home and couldn't find my keys, so i was knocking on the door for my mum to open the door. I went to the back garden and it was all over me.

I am thinking of getting Tena pants. It is seriously embarrassing. This how my day went. Hope u all had a good day.

Ije xxx

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I'm sorry no one has responded to you. That sounds like a terrible situation and you are so young. I'm sure the water pills are causing or adding to this problem. My only advice is to speak up when you need to use the bathroom and can't wait. It's hard to feel comfortable being assertive when we are younger. That gets easier with age. And also, try not to get locked out of the house!! I have had to go behind a large trash bin in public several times. But I'd rather do that than all over myself. Don't get in trouble though!

My heart goes out to you and I hope your blood results improve soon.



Thanks for the tips😂😂😂i will try going behind d bins🤣🤣🤣🤣if am caught i will point them to ur direction🤣🤣🤣🤣 . i did get the Tena pads but i also promised myself i will just have regular toilet breaks to avoid any more accident. "When u need to go, u need to go". Thanks a lot

Ije xxx


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