SLE with Gastritis

I have SLE and had a horrible bout of acute gastritis again after some red wine on a night out with my family to hear my daughter was last Saturday that tragic night of terror! And I think the added stress has exacerbated my condition and I'm really struggling knocking myself out with sleeping pills each night so I can sleep . Already take emprazole and on permenant antibiotics for UTIs . Any advice outdoor be appreciated as my tum is red raw !! Thank you !!


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8 Replies

  • It could well be an idea to see your GP to see if there is more to help with this if it carries on, even though you are already on omeprazole. I can't drink alchohol myself, much as I'd sometimes like to! Sending you my sympathies over the stress from Saturday's horrific events. My son was there, but fine. I haven't been able to relax since either. Just a thought - GP might prescribe some diazepam for short term relief for the stress? I've raided my very small emergency stash. Here's a hug x

  • Stress of that kind would exacerbate my gastritis too - you poor thing. I can't drink wine or any alcohol at all now because it triggers my liver to go mad as well as my gastritis.

    Personally I have found Lansoperazole more effective than Omaprazole and I take it as and when required. On a daily basis I am prescribed Ranitidine 150mg twice daily. This has helped me a lot with gastritis, which I suffer from only occasionally now. However I have to avoid most types of pain relief - especially steroids and NSAIDs. I find gastritis to be worse than any of the other types of pain I suffer from so will avoid anything that triggers it vigilantly.

    I think you should see your GP as soon as possible about all of this.

  • Gastritis is horrible. I too have given up all alcohol, and like twitchytoes find that lansoprazole is more effective than omeprazole, but maybe that is just coincidence.

    Otherwise, most normal tea seems to provoke gastritis if I am in a bad patch, but ginger tea made with milk and chopped up ginger root seems not to.

    More generally, I do find that sipping water helps suppress gastritis and heartburn - but I guess a lot of these kind of home remedies are individual trial and error. Hope it resolves quickly x

  • You poor thing - gastritis is truly awful! I developed it last autumn and had to go on to a really high dose of PPIs (initially I was put on Esomeprazole which really helped the stomach but had horrible side effects) for several months and totally cut out anything irritating or acidic in my diet. So no tea, no alcohol, no fruit bar bananas (which I could tolerate ok), no tomatoes, no spices, etc. I am now on 15mg Lansoprazole each day plus 300mg Ranitidine at night and my symptoms are absent or minimal. I can eat a bit of acidic food two or three times a week e.g. a portion of strawberries one day, a couple of squirts of lime juice on a salad a couple of days later, but tea remains a big no-no. Perhaps best to see your GP for advice re PPI dosage in the first instance.

  • Can j ask what kind of pain or how it feels? A

  • To me it feels as if a rat is gnawing my abdomen. In my case I sometimes confuse it for hunger - or used to think comforting foods might appease it. I was wrong! Now I'm on the AIP diet and haven't had a gastritis flare up for weeks. My GP also thinks I may recently have been confusing gastritis for oesophogal spasms, since I have been on all the right medication for gastritis and GERD but it wasn't helping.

  • I have chronic gastritis and take esomeprazole twice daily. Even with these I occasionally get acid up my throat and wake feeling I can't breath and that I'm drowning. It only happens if I fall asleep on my right side as this allows the stomach fluids to drain. If you sleep on the left hand side it should relieve your problem. Hope this helps. ,

  • Really empathise with your experience with Gastritis and hope you find the right mix of medications for you, your GP should definitely be able to help you. During my last bout of Gastritis it was feared I could have a bad bleed ( I inject with blood thinner every day) and when I saw my rheumatologist he asked me to reduce my clexane to reduce this risk. I take daily x4 150mg ranitidine which I am reducing slowly, 45 mg Lansoprazole and gaviscon x4 every day and am VERY careful about what I eat, gluten & lactose free and FODMAP diet which all sounds like a pain, and it is!! BUT it is well worth it.

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