Sunbeds & SLE

So this may just be me being completely naive but is it bad for people with SLE to use sunbeds?

I get sunbeds a few times a month, never had problems with sun sensitivity or anything so didnt think it would be a problem however have woken up this morning and my face is bright red over my cheeks and looks bruised in patches and i feel HORRENDOUS. Feel like i have caught the flu over night, my eyes are itchy and i have no energy!


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  • Sunbeds or any UV are an absolute No No with Lupus. In many, any UV exposure can bring on a lupus flare

    This link is excellent and explains what can happen

  • Thank you will give it a read

  • Hi Charlottelauren,

    Sunbeds should definitely be avoided by somebody with lupus. Most people with lupus experience some form of sensitivity to UV and it can certainly trigger flares. You can learn more about this and how to protect yourself in our blog article here -

  • Thank you will give it a read :)

  • The UV on a sunbed is far more concentrated than outside in the sun - that's why you burn in a short time if you aren't careful.

    And really - sunbeds are bad for everyone. Not just lupies.

  • Oh my gosh Charlotte, as has been said, and why, stay off the sunbeds, you are leaving yourself wide open for the worst flaring, with associated issues. And on an aside, just in case you were thinking of it, fake tan, advise extreme caution, fed up with looking like a ghost, I tried one, patch tested first thank goodness, I came out in a horrible rash.

  • Yeah I think that was definitely the last time I'll even be going near a sunbed! I feel absolutely awful! Thank You for your reply x

  • I went on one, just once, before I was diagnosed. I had an epic flare afterwards which coincidentally was in the lead up to my initial Rheumy appt.. No doubt it helped with the clarity of my diagnosis but never,never again . . Xx

  • Yeah I feel awful today- most likely down to the sunbed! What a silly idea that was! Xx

  • Sun beds are dangerous for anyone. Any UV can cause a flare and lupus causes sun sensitivity as everyone has mentioned. In general, it increases your risk for skin cancer. Natural is the new tan, love your skin! When I attend my son's lacrosse games I have to use generous amounts of sunscreen, wear a hat and UV protective glasses, a light, long sleeve shirt or sweater and an umbrella and I still always leave my next two to three days open for hydration and rest. I can't imagine purposely exposing myself to UV for just tanning purposes. I hope you feel better soon, hydrate well! You're beautiful in your own complexion! ❤️

  • Stay away from them was out last week end in the sun all day factor 50 sun blok and a trilby hat long sleeved Shirt been bad all week sore joints bad mood gerrrr the sun my wife won't let me out the house when it's sunny with out my hat ha ha

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