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Child hair loss

When I went to put sun cream on my daughter's neck (she's 10 next month), I lifted her plait up I noticed a bald patch. It's completely smooth, no bad skin or broken hair. She also suffers with psoriasis (this definitely not a psoriasis patch) as I have lupus just wondered if it makes her more likely to have an autoimmune disease? Alopecia also runs in my mum's side of the family, my auntie has no hair what so ever and my brother had it after falling on ice and hitting his head.

Have a phone appointment booked for tomorrow with the Dr as I don't want my daughter to over worry and can ask questions before taking her in.

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I am really sorry to hear and I completely understand how anxious you may feel.

Does the skin look a different colour? My 2 year old woke up with 2 bald patches on her head and and they were circular and a slightly peachy colour. She was diagnosed with alopecia areata. They believe that the immune system causes it but they aren't 100% sure.

I am watching out for symptoms and waiting to see if they will test her but they don't seem to be willing, even my rhuemy said not to until she's older even though she also had a bad cause of ulcerated throats where she was hospitalised. They say it's too young to test but I'm Not so sure.

Hope all goes well

L x


Thank you for reply. I'm sorry to hear your daughter has it too. The skin is normal colour and completely smooth.


Oh poor little thing. I really hope you get some answers. Please keep us updated x

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Thank you


I'm so sorry to hear your daughter is going through this; it must be incredibly difficult for you. I have alopecia; it's a horrible and unpredictable condition, especially when it first starts.

If you need any support related to supporting a loved one with hair loss, please look up Alopecia UK. They have helped me enormously with dealing with my alopecia and I know they support children and parents supporting their kids too. They've even been known to send Ella dolls (that's a Barbie doll with hair loss) to children living with alopecia. They are a lovely team who all also have alopecia so know what its like, they have put lots of helpful info on their website and will answer your questions personally. Theres also a closed Facebook community ( search for Alopecia UK closed group) which has lots of parents on it who will know what you're going through and can offer support.


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Sorry to hear you have alopecia as well, and thank you for the usefull information.


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