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Oh dear. Here I am again with another problem. I now have a walking stick and a blue badge. That's fine. But if I meet a friend for coffee for instance I can happily sit for a long time chatting. The problem comes when I stand up. I feel very lightheaded and have to go back to my car rather than doing any shopping etc. It is so frustrating. I also feel as if I've got a band round my head and some numbness on my nose and forehead. My bp is fine.

I am going to see my GP tomorrow. 10 minutes is hardly enough to get started but I will write it all down. I have just started getting swallowing difficulties but I'll leave that for now.

Does anyone else have this problem? I am rapidly turning into a hermit.

I hope everyone is not too bad. I sometimes think that's all we can hope for.

Sorry to be such an Eeyore.😰

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Sorry you're having this. There can be so many causes underlying these signs & symptoms...

For what it's worth, my version of this is apparently mainly due to dysautonomia + Ehlers Danlos vascular issues....I have a degree of this 24/7, but it tends to worsen during flares, infections, if I'm not pacing my activities strictly enough etc

Am glad you're seeing your gp soon

Am sure you'll get good replies here

Take care

🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco

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Your BP is fine - but is it fine just after you stand up after sitting for a while? That is one thing your GP needs to get checked.


Yes my BP is ok. My GB has given me a chart to fill in with readings twice a day. And I am to stop taking the blood pressure table I take once a day. He suspects my problems are postural.

On another subject my decrease of short time memory and struggling to find words and remember names plus loss of concentration worry him. I have to phone my Consultant (in a different part of the country) to ask if she thinks these problems are down to the SS .If not my GP will refer me to the Memory Clinic here so that a Psychiatrist can make an assessment.

This is the aspect of my problem that scares me most.

Incidentally I thought my GP appointment was today. I found out it was yesterday just in time.

I am really quite scared with all of this. I am 73 so I suppose it could just me 'my age' 😢


Hi yes I do , could be vasovagal attack ( sudden drop in blood pressure ) your bp could be fine the rest of the time .I collapsed in march due to this but generally like you I have to abandon shopping or whatever and sit down to recover .my main problem if I get up after sitting for a while is my joints being really stiff .


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