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Got ur on 😁

I was just lying in bed to take a nap... unfortunately, I have no luck at this point napping or night sleeping. I just said out loud GOD help me, (I have had ear and jaw pain for months now and many other symptoms + feverish, bad anxiety to where I cry now or if the confused. After asking for GOD'S help not a minute later my phone dinged and it was your asking for others feedback on ear and jaw. THERE ARE NO Coincidences... I am calling my GP tomorrow to see him????. Thank you for your asking for others opinions to help you all help me to call my GP. 😘👍

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Hi Victoria

So sorry to hear you are having such a tough time of it. I do know what it's like to have the ear and jaw pain as well as the fever 🤒 it's not easy at all I am going to the hospital on Friday to the ENT department. I just hope they can find why my ears and jaw are so painful it would be good if they could just give me something to help. Going to see your GP is the first step. Mine would give me antibiotics and it would clear for a while and then cone back.

Good luck with the GP. Try not to let it get to you. I know that's going to be so difficult


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I hope the visit to the GP helps

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Ty. They won't give me any more antibiotics, since I they don't help any more... I'm immunosuppressive. Have a blessed night. In my prayers


Yes they said the same with me so now I am going to ENT on Friday just hope they can come up with something. It's all so painful especially when I get the fever. Which is usually once a week. Hopefully you can get some answers. Good luck 😉 😘


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