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do I ask again?

hello lupus buddies,

I have begun my fight for PIP and have read on here and other places that a letter from my gp would help strengthen my case. so I wrote a letter explaining this and after a month I was called in to see him. he said " the NHS cannot help you, lupus and fibromyalgia cannot be cured. I don't know what you want me to do. I suggest you try Pilates or Thai-chi" I walked home feeling very alone and baffled by his cold response. I have never wasted NHS time/money and I only see a gp when I am really poorly. do I just go for my medication reviews from now on or shall I ask another gp at my surgery for help. I feel stupid for asking now x

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I felt the same way until I read about lupus online, lupus is a immune system disease, it affects everyone different way. My dermatology told me that he referred me to Allergy and Rheumatologist, so he/she will have better answer because he doesn't want me to freaking out. So... I was searching on internet before I have the answers. I felt so lonely going home like you, likes I'm the only person on earth got the lupus. The only thing is help me is the disease maybe was in me awhile ago, but I didn't discovered until now. The fact, I have to face it, accept it and taking care of it. I

I read once, the sickness likes my little child wants extension, my child needs to be taking care of...I would do anything for my child or my love one if they needed me, would you?

My rheumy wasn't tell me much either. So, I guess she likes dermatologist afraid to freaking me out too.

But good thing, we have this support site that would be your friend to cheer us out on the cloudy days. Believed in yourself, make few changes, you'll get through day by day. Hope this help you a little.


hi gp wrote me a supporting letter when I ahd to apply for ESA no problem.whether or not fibromyalgia and lupus cannot be cured,that has nothing to do with him sending a letter of support.its the fact that it affects your life and what you are not able to do.another gp said to me try pilates.they don't listen or accept everything I tell them.are you registered with a particular gp or do you see anyone?try another gp and if not maybe speak to the practice manager.good luck.


thankyou kimc and anbuma,

I will type another letter to a different gp, my original doctor retired and this one was recommended to me by a friend who recently been diagnosed with lupus. I wont ever see him again. wish I had said something at the time but I couldn't believe what I had heard. I know PIP claims are very difficult so I need as much help from professionals as possible.

thankyou for your support ,hugs x


Canin, actually I had the same complaint to my physical doctor, and she suggested to see 2nd rheumatologist, but he is a little far away from me. I can see him whenever I like. Likes you, we need someone that really supportive and helpful. I still see the same rheumatologist, she is getting a little better, but I can walk away when I wanted too. Good luck.


Hi Caninecrazy

So sorry to read that you've found out what an unsupportive GP you have!. You definitely need to change GP if you can as supportive letters from them and your Consultant will help with your PIP claim.

You also need to do your PIP claim with the help of your Citizen's Advice Bureau as they know how best to answer the questions to maximise chance of success. Also the DWP are taking a very long time to process claims so it could be tough for you. Hope I've helped and best of luck with both.X



Your gp should at least write a supporting letter for you. Don't take no for an answer try another gp or if you have an ot, or even ask your rheumatologist. I haven't applied for pip but know nothing is easy but never give up at the first hurdle (this is what they expect) hence making things so difficult. What I do now is every doctor or occupational therapist or rheumatologist I see I ask for everything in a letter so I have it to hand to copy and send to various people as supporting evidence. I hope this helps a little but keep going even though it's a pain in the rear. Most of all you're the one who has the illnesses and you that's suffering not them. Keep asking !! (:- xx


That seems very odd to me as that was exactly the reason you needed the letter....because they are incurable winDPIpe will support you. I would be inclined to use CAB they helped me and although it was a long process got there in the end. I find GP now have very different attitude and not overly helpful, and like you only use them when unavoidable as they have been so supportive in the past. Good luck it is such a battle when you feel so vulnerable.


I went to the cab to get mine filled in took 8 months for the claim to be awarded I did send letters from my ot and hospital with my claim I also did an interview on sky news after you can find it by typing into google benifits disability fiasco x


Personally I would see another GP in person and not by letter and ask them outright if they are willing to support your application for PIP - if not then I'd be changing surgeries. Also, is your consultant supporting you as my GP didn't necessarily agree with my taking ill health retirement (even though my consultant supported it), so it was my consultant's report that meant I got my benefits.


hi if you go onto lupus uk they have various letters and advice for this,when i went through this 4 years ago , my gp at the time was cold and like yours not interested, i changed surgerys and my new surgery arranged for an occupantinal therapist to come to me , i still had to go to 2 tribunals though ... but i won i sent in 120 letters from consultants/factsheets/pictures of my lupus . hope ive helped


Hi canine crazy

Do you have a Dial House near you? You can google to find out your nearest one. They have been so helpful with my benefits claims & advice, & will help to fill in any forms aswell.

Very best wishes. X


I can't believe that a doctor would refuse to write a letter to support you. Definitely go somewhere else. My GP even wrote a letter to support a late submission for a course I'm doing, but your benefits are more important.

If you can get a draft letter to the GP that will enable them to write what you need, in their own words of course. Here they ask for £10 for letters like these which seems reasonable. I hope you get there!


a big thankyou to each of you for your support and understanding. I have read all your replies and have taken notes (as always have brain fog) and will ask to see another doctor at my surgery. after that I will phone and ask for a PIP application and then go to my nearest CAB and also find DIAL .

thankyou all, hugs x


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