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Confused one

Hi everyone I'm a 35 yr old woman of 3 kids. Ive been sick for abt a yr now. I was loosing tremendous amount of weight. Until Jan 09 2017 i was every bit of 94lbs ..I passed out n was rushed by helicopter to the Methodist hospital in Memphis TN from Forrest City Arkansas.. To make a long story short i woke up 8 days later for them to tell me..I have thyroid storm which caused me to have.. Medically induced lupus.. Congestive heart failure.. Rapid ventricular response.. Kidney n liver levels was high.. Uncontrollably seizures.. N asthma.. I died a couple of times where they did CPR n cracked my chest cavity in 2 place's... But I Thk GOD he kept me here for my kid's.. But anyways.. Im having this chest pain on the right side above my breast... I'm wondering is it apart of symptoms from me having lupus???? I'm in ALOT of pain n when I breathe also... Can someone please help me by answering my question.. What do y'all think it is????? Also i had my tonsils n adenoids removed n a small gland too I think.. N they where perfectly fine come to find out thyroid hormone levels was deadly serious..

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I would seek a medical review. Chest pain in any part of the chest can have a number of causes that need attention, investigation or treatment. Lupus can cause chest symptoms but need to be diagnosed as such.


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