Looking for tips on post op shoulder surgery

Hello friends!

I am scheduled to have surgery in May to repair a torn rotator cuff and inflamed biceps, remove a cyst, etc. I will be in a sling for 4-6 weeks to keep it immobile. =( Does anyone have any helpful tips that might make recovery go more smoothly? My surgery is on my right shoulder--my dominant arm, of course!

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  • You poor thing ☹️I had decompression surgery on shoulder a number of years ago it was difficult. You will be sore probably for a while if its like mine . Rest your arm on a pillow in bed or when sitting if it is sore. Buy ready chopped veg etc and if can lift pots use acolander to drain . Get help with shopping or get groceries delivered. You might need physio after so follow it to the letter as its very important. It took 6-7 months of hard work but it was really worth it as my shoulder is no longer painful and i had been in alot of pain for years. I hope this doesn't put you off as it made such a difference to me , best wishes xxxx

  • Thank you, weathervane! This does not put me off at all. I have been having pain and difficulty for over a year now. I tried everything from topical pain creams to shots and physical therapy and nothing helped. Finally an MRI was taken and low and behold.......a tear, plus some. I am looking forward to having it corrected and get on with it! AND....I just received a flier in the mail today for grocery delivery! I can't wait to use that service.

    Thanks for the tips!

  • Sending you lots of positive thoughts and good wishes for your operation, let us all know how you get on 🌸🌸🌸

  • I had surgery for torn rotator cuff. One thing I wish could do better is excise the shoulder as soon as you can. For some reason, I was give a very clear instruction what to do after the surgery. My shoulder was locked and had to do physical therapy which was very painful. Ask your doctor what needs to do to get recviry and follow the instructions to do the excise as soon as you can.

    Take care!

  • The surgeon I have is top notch and known throughout the US. I am very confident in his abilities. I will definitely be a good, compliant patient and follow his instruct! I am nervous about it freezing up though, since it is supposed to be in a sling for 4-6 weeks. I will find out more at my pre-op appointment. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Hi shareasmile,

    I've found a couple of helpful resources with tips for recovering from this kind of surgery;



  • Hi Paul! Thank you so much for sharing those resources! It is full of helpful information and tips on what to expect. I have hope that I can return to my desk job before the time stated in the article, but I must listen to my doctor!

  • Hi, I had my rotator cuff repaired in my left shoulder at the end of January and the main thing I can say is that it was totally worth it. I was in surgery for about two hours and had mine repaired by arthroscopy. A piece of bone had grown straight threw and split the rotator cuff. They shaved the bone, sutured the cuff back together and screwed it to the humerus. My arm was totally numb for 24 hours because they put a nerve block in.

    I was in a padded blue sling and the physio came to see me before I was discharged, day surgery. I can't say it's not painful, for about four days it was and I slept in my chair. I already take lots of Meds including slow relief morphine, so I kept myself topped up with oral morphine syrup. There are lots of you tube videos from people who have had the surgery and I kept seeing how they were doing at the same stage, just to make sure I wasn't a whimp 😂 I moved my arm with my other arm ever so gently for the first two weeks and only small movements, just so I didn't get a frozen shoulder. You will definitely need help doing things like showering and dressing/undressing. I bought a couple of ponchos because they were easy to put over my head with the sling underneath. I saw my physiotherapist two weeks post op and they gave me gental exercises to do. I go in hydrotherapy once a week, that has really helped.

    Just know it's a long job, but totally worth it. It seems a little thing just being able to get a cup out of a cupboard without screaming in agony, but I can do that now. My problem is not doing too much and undoing all the good work. It's 11 weeks on Friday since my op, I still have a long way to go, but I wish all my other problems could be sorted so easily.

    I hope everything goes well with your op. Just put yourself in their hands and follow instructions and I'm sure everything will be fine. By summer you will be enjoying your pain free arm. 👩🏻‍🌾🦋☺️X

  • Hi Doodleangel! Thanks for sharing your experience! I have been enduring pain and discomfort in my shoulder for over a year now. I tried everything to make it better until surgery became my last resort. Ugh! At this point I am ready to get this done and move on. I am an active person and take care of most of our yardwork--mowing, trimming, gutter cleaning, planting, etc. as my husband has traveled for his job since we were married 31 years ago! Good thing I grew up on a farm! This summer will surely be difficult for me to lay low, but I have to get this fixed and I do not want to jeopardize a strong recovery.

    All the best to you!

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