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Oral Surgery- Pre Op Assessment


I’ve just got home from my pre op, everything went ok apart from ECG’s. I asked for a copy of the abnormal results to give to my GP to rush my my Cardiology appointment. It’s been a whole year & I’m still waiting to see them! I’ve persevered to the point of insanity, but the nurse said I need an urgent appointment ASAP it’s a joke!

My blood pressure is high & the nurse asked me if I’ve had a diagnosis of POTS. I don’t know much about it but what I do know is when I go from sitting to standing I feel dizzy & feel like I could faint. Postural hypertension she said.

I’m booked in for Monday 12th February for impacted wisdom tooth with growth above that needs to be cut away on the day & removal/biopsies abnormal lesion/tumour & pigmentation!!

I’ve never been asked if I have a mental disorder before but I do I have PTSD. & the nurse was really lovely & said they will do everything they can to make me comfortable on the day & less anxious.

I’m dental phobic, but that’s not the reason for my PTSD. Past/present severe trauma. the dental phobia doesn’t help & causes panic attacks. That’s why I go to a phobic dentist. But she was very thoughtful & caring which is something I’m not used to. I’ve never had to declare my PTSD for any post op before but I feel better for it. It’s nice to be asked as we all have our own personal demons that haunts us.

But anyway I’m ready I’m scared but I need this done! Monday morning I get a chance to express my concerns & fears to the surgeon. Thankfully it’s a lady !!! Yay. No offence to the men out there.

I do bleed quite a lot after a normal extraction & I don’t heal well but I’m just a little worried about this.

But anyway I just thought I’d let you all know x

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Wishing you good luck on monday, laura: your pre-op has been very thorough, thankfully! The medics involved in this procedure are now well aware of your known complexities and also of relevant question marks re your diagnoses : this is crucial!

Am v much feeling for you: i suffer from osteomyelitis of the upper jaw due to a dreadful molar, and i share your gastroenterology manifestations, and also’s a lot to cope with...but we’re not alone here on our wonderful forum: during my 7 years here i’ve learned that many of us are living with this sort of stuff’s a 1 day @ a time thing! i don’t know how i’d cope without everyone here: We Are Family 👭👬👫👭

Have you seen rheumatology yet? If medics haven’t already, your signs & symptoms mean you’d do best to ask whether you’re on the Hypermobility Spectrum....rheumatology and cardiology and dermatology can all help with checking you re hypermobility (POTS can be part of this, as can your gastroenerology issues...maybe you’re aware?). HMSA (Hypermobility Syndromes Association) is a great source of official info & support (there is a tele help line. here is the link to its POTS info:

😘🍀😘🍀😘🍀 coco


Afternoon my Lovelies.

I’m actually quite gutted about this but my surgery’s been cancelled for Monday. The have an emergency facial fracture patient coming in (bless their heart) so the surgeons cancelled her entire list. I understand, I was psyching myself up for it but now it’s not happening I’m a bit deflated. Just wanted to get it over & done with.

But anyway that poor person is most important at this moment & they will get back to me ASAP with a new date for surgery.



🤷🏼‍♀️ You’re right: this happens...i ❤️ your philosophic attitude...please let us know the new date 😘🍀

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hey Coco, I will be replying to your messages, slowly but surely. using my laptop is much easier, nightmare using my phone to reply!

I've just had a call back to say I am now booked in for the 21st of February, So not a long wait at all. I really appreciated the receptionists kindness. I think Gloucester Royal is far better than my hometown hospital. its only 20 mins away and I feel relaxed going there. which is always a +. Yes that poor patient deserves to be seen first. I can wait..

I've been listening to Positive affirmations & Its helping, self love, & what I say I attract. Sort of thing. its the best attitude I can have. I can either see everything as a struggle or a gift. roll on 21st at least now I can enjoy Valentines Day without any pain yay!!

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Hi Laura

Really feeling for you having to go thru this as I went thru similar for a wisdom tooth extraction!. Gave me dental PTSD!. It's wonderful they have acknowledged your difficulties and will make it as trauma free as possible!. Recognition goes such a long way!. It's funny I'd only mentioned this in my reply to twitchy, how doctors should recognise medical PTSD more!.

It's shocking you've had to wait a year for cardiology!. They really need chasing so it's good you have your pre-op ECG results for your GP to do it!. Looks like finally your going to fit more pieces into your health jigsaw!. Good luck on Monday , will think of you as I'm at the dentist myself. Luckily only a checkup!. Your a very brave lass with all your having to go thru. Fingers tightly crossed. X


Hi Misty,

sorry to hear you had a traumatic experience, how did it go before and after the extraction?, I'm guessing you wasn't under GA? I've had many tooth extractions each one resulting in dry socket. Which was absolute terrible pain. I think id rather give birth, and that's not being dramatic. I almost always get an infection afterwards and always feel drained after dental treatment. it also takes months to heal But I'm aware that this will be quite invasive as they said if the tooth becomes to difficult to remove they will have to saw through the bone, which initially caused extreme fear I haven't slept well since. PTSD is very difficult to live with, plus health problems and everything else on top of that.

I Can relate to dental PTSD!!! I'm totally phobic! its horrible

Yes it does need to be recognised a lot more, I'm still taken aback that I was asked about it, she was very interested & wanted to know all about my battle. which is so nice.. I was diagnosed 15 years ago with PTSD, how do you deal with yours? flashbacks and nightmares plague me. that's why I just wanted to get the operation over and done with as its playing over and over in my head. its been rescheduled to 21st February now so as much as I was psyched I still have time to prepare myself.

yes my jigsaw is slowly but surely coming together . ill keep you posted and good luck for your checkup. your a very brave soul too xxx


Thank you Laura for your very kind reply. That's really tough that you've had your surgery on Monday cancelled when you have to psyche yourself up to these things!. It does bring it home though when you hear about the emergency , there's always someone worse off than ourselves!. It shows what a lovely person you are though to recognise the greater need!. Some people wouldn't. No my wisdom tooth extraction wasn't under GA!. My illness complicated things as well as the way it was done by the Consuktant but nothing like you've got to go thru really!. Trouble is it stays with you and having other tooth problems has added to it but I've found the best dentist ever after my great one retired!. He's so kind, gentle and caring. I've changed my check up appt for the 23 rd now as too much pain so it's funny your big day is 22 nd!. I will think of you and look forward to your updates when you feel strong enough!. I'm just so sorry your having to go thru so much. X


Good Luck...sorry you are so scared xoxoxo

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hey Leslieliesel, Thank you for your message of support. means a lot. How are you? I hope life is treating you kindly. I'm a big baby when it comes to the dentist let alone tooth extractions. xxxx


Be thinking of you on Monday Laura. Sounds like you have an excellent team of medics to support you this time.

Hope you get your cardiology appointment soon. When you have the strength I would complain via PALS over the neglect regarding this. I imagine just getting through the day is enough effort for you for now.

Keep your spirits up your getting there.


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hey Ludo,

Thank you for your message,

Yes its so nice to be in good hands, yes I'm currently awaiting to see PALS. my dad and I decided to go and see them, face to face complaints is the way forward. yes my days are difficult to get through, but I'm hopeful things are going to change very soon.

reading lovely messages lifts me up, keeps a smile on my face.



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